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For the first time, I might actually buy some Starbucks coffee. A company using some common sense, instead of bowing to the rabid 'bow down and let them rape you' agendaists!
Sad thing is, these legislators are so protected, they don't really run a risk of being in a situation wherein they might learn what a difference carrying a concealed weapon might make. I just think it's time we insisted that legislators of every party LIVE BY THE LAWS THEY PASS. Thus, when they pass laws restricting any citizens right to defend themselves...they must deny themselves any special guards and any weapons. Wonder how long their laws would last then? Oh, and they would be denied the right to scan anybody entering the chambers, to find out if those people were illegally carrying. After all, we ordinary citizens can't scan everybody passing us on the street, so they shouldn't be able to have anybody scanned for their convenience.
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Feminists: Leave My Boys Alone

Kymberly2 Wrote: Mar 03, 2013 6:14 PM
Oh, I've seen two boys, who played with dolls, who grew up to be wonderful husbands and fathers. However, the moment those families got DOGS, the dolls became trash and/or 'enemies' to be used in much different fashions. Many little boys want a companion who goes along with their 'adventures' even tho said adventures might be mostly imaginary. If a dog who is good with children is around, that if preferred over any inanimate article. Any parents who are fearful that not playing with dolls (as in baby dolls) will cause their boys to become hard-hearted, unfeeling fathers, need only provide said sons with younger siblings, puppies, or other young living things to watch over keep care of. Does wonders.
Guns? Registered to me? Gee, I had that terrible accident while in the canoe last year. Far as I know, all my guns are still in that 25 foot deep glacier cold water; or perhaps washed clear out to the Pacific now. No guns here.
As YOU were obviously NEVER the woman fearful for her children's lives....you are making stupid statements. The woman who shot that man 6 times, was NOT trying to kill him, she had HIDDEN for pete's sake. So, you think that laying down and allowing the meth crazed idiot to kill her children was what she should have done? You think that shooting him AFTER warning him several times (listen to the 911 call) was 'murder'? and she was in the wrong? Or how about the young mother close to me, here in OK, who shot the man who informed her he was coming to kill her, because she wouldn't give him the pain-killers he knew she had, because her husband had cancer? Her shooting while keeping her baby safe, wasn't 'defensive'? Firearms are simply tools..
Would you PLEASE learn to use correct grammar? You can't even use correct English, so how in the world do you think you could give reasonable answers, logical answers to any points in favor of gun ownership? Lack of education, does NOT qualify you for anything but pity and a quick trip to the nearest shanghai spot.
And the suppostition is that he has emptied that magazine into or at least toward you. So, SURE, use that ball-point pen...if you're still alive....if your arms aren't shot to ribbons....if you aren't in a coma from blood loss or a head shot. Vomit or pee? Just makes the idiot think he's made you fearful...which is exactly what he wants. Gives him a sense of power. Everyone in CO needs to vote these dirt buckets out of office and get some legislators in who have some kind of sense. And all the women need to start carrying napalm.
Hey, sorry, I flagged you. Meant to hit reply, but was also talking to my hubby... He and I are of the same mind...I have no guns. What do you mean, there are some registered as being bought by me? I had that terrible canoe accident last year, and every gun I own is now 25 feet under really cold water, or washed clear to the Pacific, far as I know. Yeah, sure, use a ball-point to stab at the guy who has emptied his magazine...if you're still alive...if you're still not in a coma from blood loss...if your arms are not shot to ribbons. Women just don't understand when they're in danger...BS! Some women actually don't know, to the point they will let some idiot get too close to them, but none I know, would shoot someone on baseless suspicion
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As We Say Goodbye to Chris Kyle

Kymberly2 Wrote: Feb 08, 2013 10:22 PM
Mark Davis...I agree that Jesus would NOT be upset at someone fighting to protect our nation. Not only that, but I also know that God Himself, understands that sometimes war becomes a necessity. In a few cases, He called for war. When you do the research, one of the titles for Jesus, is Captain of the Lord's Hosts. Dunno what Ron Paul thought he was advocating because I read about a Jesus, who comes back on a white horse, leading 'The Lord's Hosts' and putting a pretty decisive end to the armies of evil on the earth. I read about Jesus sitting down and, with His own hand, making a whip, which He then used to beat a bunch of money-changers in the Temple, clear OUT of the Temple and it's environs. Ron Paul needs to do better research.
The pressuring of banks to have no dealings with arms or ammunition of any kind, is working, it seems. A friend thought to buy her husband some ammunition for his gun, so he could go to the shooting range, but when she got to the check-out, her debit card was denied. After 3 tries, she called the place...Bank of America...they informed her that they no longer could support anything to do with gun, arms or ammunition. Now, understand people this was HER money, NOT theirs, but they were intent on restricting her use of HER money, to buy ammunition. She and her husband are in the process of transferring their home mortgage, checking, etc, from BOA to any other bank at all. And I guarantee I won't be using BOA at all. EVER!
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