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New York Times Realizes New Taxes Hurt Poor the Most

Kyll-Why-T Wrote: Feb 08, 2013 3:28 PM
For the same reason Buffa wasn't really a great idea to begin with, making a too expensive program all the more expensive. I was simply pointing out that the right wants to complain that middle class taxes went up, but also were the ones pushing that point. Political game playing anyone?

When many Americans received their first paycheck of 2013, they wondered why their paychecks were smaller. Obama supporters in particular were baffled, wondering why they were seeing less pay when they had just voted for a President who promised they would never see a tax increase, that after all was reserved for "rich" people. The first Friday in January, Google was flooded with the question, "Why is my paycheck smaller?" Workers took to Twitter and asked the same question.

Now, even the New York Times is realizing who the the newest payroll taxes hurt the most: poor...