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Which Special Interest Groups Are Pouring the Most Money into Elections?

kyleccbc Wrote: Mar 22, 2013 3:05 PM
I find it staggering that the government is one of the largest financers of campaigns in politics today. I always assumed that there was something coming in from the Parties, but the actual government? Something seems a little fishy there. Also, the fact that of the 15 top contributers since 1989, 12 have been exclusively to Democrats and 3 are about equal to both. Where are the people who provide the wealth for the Republicans? Oh, that's right, they're running for election! The last few elections it seems to be evening out a bit with contributers such as Wal-Mart funneling money to the Republicans, and I am all for the private investors supporting the candidates, but for the government to get involved is, I feel, a step too far.

Elections are not about choosing the most qualified, experienced, or intelligent candidates. The single most influential factor in an election is money. Television ads and campaign mailers are still the most effective way to influence races, and the candidates and issue advocacy organizations with the most money to spend in these areas generally win. Whether the money is given directly to a candidate, or is spent independently of a candidate is irrelevant, it all has the same effect. Who can forget the effect the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ads had on the presidential race between George W. Bush and John...