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Since we already have it, it would be almost impossible to get rid of it. Working in realities, it should be at or below the level the market would create on its own in competition for workers.
Curious - the Obama minimum wage of $10.10 per hour provides the same income at 29 hours (obamacare part-time) as the current minimum wage for 40 hours. Coincidence?
He didn't say the same Obama minimum wage increase, just a minimum wage increase. The drastic jump to $10.10 per hour would be very harmful. A step increase to $9.00 per hour (many states are higher than that already) and then INDEX the minimum wage to inflation. This would take the wedge issue away from the Democrats and make it easier for the conservatives to push their job ideas without that issue as a hammer for Democrats braying conservatives are mean. If the Democrats go against indexing (and they will), then the conservatives can flip it around.
Easy - send Congressional Marshals to the company, haul them out in shackles, pick up the computers and bring it to the Capital. Contempt of Congress is a Federal offense. Let the HHS try and defend the actions in court. This is the one scandal that they have authority to enforce. They can only bluster at Executive Branch departments. These are private citizens.
In reading your posts throughout this thread, you do not seem to understand business at all. You appear to believe that all employers exist to provide what you consider a living wage, regardless of the skills involved. That is economically impossible. If all companies paid what you consider a living wage, many businesses would be out of business or charge so much for their products that the "living wage" would not be sufficient. McDonald's could not sell $10 Happy Meals in the current economy.
And all I am saying is that people are paid what they are worth to the employer. These people accepted employment at McDonald's knowing the pay scale. If they don't like it, quit and get a better paying job. If they cannot get a better paying job, get an education or improve skills so you can get a better paying job. Wages are where they are in order to keep businesses open.
Nothing wrong with increasing wages for increased productivity. Someone working at McDonald's improves their skill and either moves to management or maybe to another employer that pays for the increase in skills. They improve their education and skill set and move on to another situation that increases their income and lifestyle, etc. Pay is for the value provided to the job, otherwise the jobs would not exist.
Yes - they have no duty to pay more than the value added to the product, otherwise they are out of business and these people you claim to care about will not have a job. Most McD's are franchises risking their money to succeed, not the "big bad corporation" that collects the franchise fees. I started at $2.35 an hour, got an education, did not bring children into a single parent family, worked my tail off to get better job prospects and haven't relied on minimum wage for years. Yes food, clothing, shelter, and transportation cost money. I will guarantee you that girl with her baby in a sling and Mr. Agitator have smartphones with internet connectivity and more electronics than I have. I can also be confident she is more concerned with social networking and Keeping up with the Kardasians that taking the free MOOC available on the internet to improve her education and job prospects. McDonalds is a stepping stone, not a career choice unless you go to Hamburger U and get into management.
Less than 3% of workers make minimum wage, even most McDonalds and Burger King workers exceed the minimum. Workers are paid value added. Corporations are an accumulation of investors that put money to work to make a profit. Those profits are paid as dividends to millions of pensioners, retirees, and investors world wide. Their duty is to provide a product at a price consumers will buy that will allow those profits to be returned to the investors that risk their money in the endeavor. There is no duty to pay employees any more that the productivity provided. With millions of unemployed, maybe McD's should set up a job fair in front of the restaurant to replace the workers that feel they are treated unfairly.
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All-Time All-Stars: Part II

Kyle88 Wrote: Jul 10, 2012 9:03 AM
It is the All Star break and he is taking an All-Star break as well. Lighten up. I'm glad Dr. Sowell did.
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