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Nice Trading Places tie-in. Do you get royalties?
meant to clarify that this year was tied for the lowest since 1942.
Couple thoughts - infoplease.com shows 1986 and 1998 with only 36.4% turnout and 36.5 in 1990. This turnout is not an anomoly. Only 37.1% of the eligible voters bothered to vote in 2006, a WAVE election for the Democrats that brought Barack Obama to the Senate and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to majority positions. I do not recall anyone whining about low turnout then (the lowest turnout since 1942 until this year). Of course since the Democrats triumphed, there was no reason for the media to highlight the turnout numbers. Maybe is was because the Republican based failed to turn out to support the war policies of lame duck Bush, just like this year the Democrats failed to turn out for the failed economic and foreign policies of lame duck Obama.
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Do You Hear What I Hear?

Kyle88 Wrote: Nov 09, 2014 10:37 AM
In 2006 63.2% of the people did not vote, only 36.8% of eligible voters actually voted and only 19.25% of eligible voters voted for the winners, including new Senator Barack Obama from Illinois. So will Obama agree that the Democrats did not have a mandate because over 80% of the people did not vote for them and Bush did not have to try working with Pelosi and Reid?
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The Shrinkage of the Obama Majority

Kyle88 Wrote: Nov 08, 2014 6:06 PM
Time to get a grip. Much of what you want dies for two reasons: Filibuster and Veto Pen. No repeal, no deportation, no impeachment. Time to be sensible. Pass bi-partisan legislation - Keystone, Alaska, Trade agreements, repeal of the medical device tax. Pass a reasonable budget, no continuing resolutions, and dare Obama to shut down the country with a veto. Bring out the reasonable bills from the 300+ passed by the House. Make the Democrats own them with filibuster or veto. Drop the corporate tax rate and messaging on jobs created by getting $2 trillion back into America - bigger than any government stimulus. Border security first - single issue up and down vote, no comprehensive. Messaging. Start messaging NOW on the diversity of the Republicans elected to office and the successes at governing in Wisconsin, Ohio, New Mexico, South Carolina, Michigan, Nevada. Black Senator, black female Congresswoman, Indian Governor, Female Indian Governor, Hispanic Governor, Female Hispanic Governor, Hispanic Senators, etc. Messaging NOW, not in 2016. Don't overreach with stupid forays into cultural items that will reignite the "war on woman" and "hatred" of minorities. Economy Economy Economy
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Obama’s Midterm Shellacking, Part II

Kyle88 Wrote: Nov 08, 2014 4:59 PM
Something missing here is that Harry Reid will filibuster EVERYTHING. Reconciliation can only be used on budgetary items. The only saving grace is the Republicans will only need 7 Dems to crossover and they are all up for election in 2016.
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Embarrassing Economists

Kyle88 Wrote: Oct 24, 2014 3:26 PM
Krugman's Nobel Prize was for research started in 1977 and continued through the early 90's on Trade Theory and Economic Geography. It was important research, although questionable that it reached the level of a Nobel Prize. That the work was completed by the 90's and the Prize was awarded in 2008 would lend credence to the thought that the Prize was more political than economic. By the time he received the award, others had already advanced the theory further.
Keep your principles, hold your nose and do everything in your power to get Harry Reid out of the Majority Leader position. Don't let pride allow someone you disagree with 95% of the time beat someone you disagree with 25% of the time.
Did Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway ever settle its $1 billion tax lawsuit with the IRS? Did Buffet's NetJets settle their $643 Million tax lawsuit with the IRS? For a guy "willing to pay his fair share," he is sure spending a lot in legal fees to avoid and/or evade taxes.
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