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OOOH! Good one! I like actually citing a law and the numbers voting. Must not be a liberal. . .
21 - you might be a liberal if you believe the polls.
GREAT IDEA. . . I am a while male. They NEVER ask me. Do you think they might if I claimed to be a Hispanic Woman???? Maybe an albino Jamaican?
As pointed out in the article, my experiemce is that I see lots of folks who voted for Obama in 08 now saying they intend to vote for Romney. I see few if any going the other way, regardless of what the polls say. Also, the poll record in Wisconsin (the recall election) was WAAAYYY off.
People see the blacks and women speaking up or Pomney, see the composition of he tea party and compare what hey see with what the media says. People saw the stunned media after he 2010 election. We hear all the statements of people expressing dissappointment with obama and leaving he democrats in droves. We saw the booing of god. So hopefully, reality is not what the media would have us believe.
Actually, the military did its job. The politicians have no clue how to go about nation building. Even with Germany it took two attempts.
Actually, we are fighting a defensive war against islam and have been doing that for centuries.
Correction. Liberals hate free speech from anyone but themselves.
It is far more consistant than the lies and distortions of the left. . .
Try to read some history. There never was a palestine, just a palestinian mandate the brits held. When the brits decided to move out, they ( with the concurrence of the rest ofthe world) decided to split the arabs and jews into separate areas. If any theft ocurred, it was the general that decided to hold the trans-jordanian area of the palestine mandate as his own and created Jordan. Try reading a history book rather than repeat the lise liberals feed you!
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We're Hiring a New CEO

kwood742 Wrote: Sep 24, 2012 1:04 PM
trickle down economics? So I take it you have a job from a homeless person? The companyu I work for HAS more money than I. They get that money from thier customers (also NOT homeless or poor) They then 'trickle' that dsown to me via a salary. I then spend that salary trickling it down further to other vendors. No homeless anywhere in that chain. Anything taken from me in taxes (or from the company that employes me does not get spent. ) You know, like the trickle down of giving my tax dollars ro Solyndra. That tricked to rich Obama supportes. Have YOU seen any of that???
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