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Can someone open an "I love me some Obama" thread so that AYPNTK can post there and stop taking up space here? Moderaters? Hello??? At least some of the local trolls attempt to stay on topic. This fool is in a different zip code entirely.
Can I guess what your next post will be? It will be "Ryan's plan will push Grandma off the cliff," followed by "Mitt Romney is a felon," "Mitt Romney put his dog on the roof, " "Mitt Romney never paid any taxes,", "Mitt Romney killed Joe Soptic's wife" people never get new material.
Uh, Mark...that is a cut and paste from AYPNTK...but thanks for pointing out the obvious.
Ok moron, I'll make it simple for you. Obviously big subjects like numbers confuse you. When you work and EARN a paycheck (ask your mommy about it sometime), you get taxed at one rate. When you've worked and no longer earn a paycheck, but live off of those investments you made from WORKING, (or when you don't take a salary for your work) that is taxed at another rate. Lower than the rate for earned income. it's very complex, I know. I'd tell you that the money which is being taxed at a lower rate has already been taxed (see above reference to salary) but you wouldn't understand. Which brings us back to you have no clue and are spouting garbage because you know your pos savior will lose this reelection, and you may have to get a J-O-B
"Here is President Obama's long form birth certificate: Where's Romney's? OMG! You didn't VET your own candidate? Why? " You know what I take from that comment? You have absolutely no clue about the economy, nor did you even bother to read the article (hint: it talks about the damage to the US Coal industry...has nothing to do with birth certificates). You know your fool is going to lose, so you change the subject. My nine year old son uses the same tactic when he's in trouble. But at least he's smart enough to know this guy is in over his head...heck, he may be able to do a better job himself.
Really? That's the best you've got??? The air in your mother's basement must be getting stale. Tell her to call the appears your basement vents are blocked.
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Paul Ryan: Hunting Machine

kwlabr2 Wrote: Aug 12, 2012 9:44 AM
Riiiiiight...because refusing to place one's hand over his heart during the Star-Spangled Banner, apologizing for America, etc., all contribute to The One's appearance of being "clearly All-American". By the way, does that Kool-Aid come presweetened or do you use cancer-causing artificial sweeteners??? If so, you should blame Romney for that too. Morons...
Yep...and you can see the incredibly pained look on her face as she is having to own up to it...priceless!
And this right here, liberals/progressives, is how America works. Citizens caring for one another.
Seriously? People are shocked by this??? That's more surprising than anything, I suppose.
That would make sense. They would still be able to maintain a quorum and vote on the important issues, like who's making the next ATTACK WATCH post.
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