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Biden 2016?

kwlabr2 Wrote: Aug 21, 2012 8:27 AM
Fool...pretty easy to get his. He's been a mooch on society since he's exited law school. Worked in public sector as a community organizer (agitator). Here's the funny thing about this one though, moron. ALL of Obama's previous rivals in campaigns had sealed records "released" despite court orders. IF there were anything remotely criminal in those returns, we all know that some unnamed person would have dropped them into the public eye. There's nothing there to see, bozo. Hence they haven't been leaked. Surely someone as bright as you could have figured that out by now... And since we are discussing "tax returns" me in the Constitution where it requires a presidential candidate to produce tax returns. I'll wait...

The man has no shame. Apparently, Joe Biden's most recent "they're gonna put ya'll back in chains" comments combined with the pile of gaffes he has made in the past four years, isn't stopping him from seeking a higher office. The news comes from an e-book produced by a POLITICO reporter that is causing a lot of chatter and controversy in Washington D.C. about the health and status of the Obama reelection team.


I can see it now: Hope and Chains.