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I'm not a republican but I sure hope you are right LOL
I just did that also LOL I just got "This Connection is Untrusted" ain't that the truth.. Then I did a Google search and got on that way, I clicked "See plans before apply" and it froze at "What state do you live in?" what a mess LOL
opps Reagan's own son reported his father
It does nothing to those that are in the system either. Oregon has prevented the mentally ill from purchasing weapons for a long time, the Oregon mall shooter was in the mental health system he was not allowed to purchase any weapons, so he STOLE one.
Do you think his illegal uncle an aunt is on that list. probable
Well Dr_Zinj look at the bright side thats 800,000 illegal immigrants that the government can get pay role taxes & SS from. What worries me is, are there going to be even more illegals coming here thinking evidential they will get some kind of deal for breaking the law? and what is this going to do to the people that want to come here legally. Is it going to make them wait longer? are they going to be denied citizenship because of the 800,000 illegals. and is Obama doing this just so he knows where these kids will be, so he can deport them after he is reelected? Obama has had the largest illegal immigrants deportation then any other president in history.
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