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So, tell Mexico to send water to Cali. to sustain its citizens. Then there should be plenty for the few Americans who still live there.
O only knows what he reads in the Times, and he never does anything pro-active. Ergo, he cannot be blamed when the whatever hits the fan.
you forgot Hillary Rodham Clinton. She really only needs one name--------witch.
OK! The state should charge him $500K for the rescue and attach his judgement. Then tell him to pound sand on the bus ride back to Mexico.
That's OK. "Racist" is a Democrat code word for "Patriot."
#11. Shoot to maim.
You voted for Barry, didn't you?
Immigration "reform" is attracting Democrat voters, just as intended.
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The Problem With Libertarians

kwilliams Wrote: Nov 07, 2013 2:28 PM
What others would you need?
Two week paid vacation. Who is bitchin'? For me they could close half of D.C. permanently and we would all be better off.
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