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you forgot Hillary Rodham Clinton. She really only needs one name--------witch.
OK! The state should charge him $500K for the rescue and attach his judgement. Then tell him to pound sand on the bus ride back to Mexico.
That's OK. "Racist" is a Democrat code word for "Patriot."
#11. Shoot to maim.
You voted for Barry, didn't you?
Immigration "reform" is attracting Democrat voters, just as intended.
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The Problem With Libertarians

kwilliams Wrote: Nov 07, 2013 2:28 PM
What others would you need?
Two week paid vacation. Who is bitchin'? For me they could close half of D.C. permanently and we would all be better off.
If the Repubs would show the Tea's some respect and embrace their agenda, Cuccinelli would have won. Hell, Romney would have won. Reagan said there was room for every Patriot under the Repub tent. What happened?
Welcome into the light.
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