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I am just done. Let America die. It's the only way to get it back.
This is the reason why I refuse to go see movies now. I don't want to give these loony losers any more of my hard earned cash. It goes to real, usable assets not a set of silicone t*ts that really don't do anything except compromise their owner's brain function.
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The VP Debate

kvr929rr Wrote: Oct 12, 2012 1:19 PM
Romney should just keep stating that Obama is a LIAR and the American people can't trust him on ANYTHING!!
Jobs added and unemployment rate are not directly related in their calculation. Jobs added is from a survey of 410,000 employers. The Unemployment rate is calculated from the BLS survey of 60,000 households out of 150,000,000. So the sampling rate is pretty low and potentially has much more room for error even if they did it right. In this case they have certainly produced an outlier as all statistical methods are capable of. Especially if the same size is such a small percentage (.04%). There didn't seem to be any mention of the people who stopped looking nor any distinction of what kind of jobs these people got.
Don't forget to take your meds. Hope they're covered because you need lots.
He plays this game only because it makes him wealthy, just like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the King family. If he gets defeated then he gets to escape the headaches that he knows he's not up to solving without really having to be accountable. He can then leverage his "prestige" into lucrative speaking dates, another book or two, maybe a position somewhere in the private sector. He can probably see that his plans aren't working and won't work. I'm sure he doesn't enjoy the critical spotlight. If defeated he gets to go do what he wants and spin any kind of fantasy he wants to, all while claiming that he held the position of the msot powerful man on earth, the President of the United States, Leader of the Free World.
As disinterested as Oblunder looked one might think that he just wants this all to be over. He's not up to a second term, not physically, not mentally, and certainly not emotionally. He's not really about what's best for the country, never has been. He only cares about himself. He has seen an opportunity to parlay the race issue into financial gain. His handlers know this and they just want to claim their part of the spoils and get out. They know a second term would bring much more scrutiny and could bring them down. Hard. At this point, they want to make it look like a good fight, a losing fight, but perceived as a good one.
Romney definitely had the upper hand tonight. He took it to Oblamebush and had some great lines, but it ain't over. Stay focused and don't forget to vote because Romney needs to win that debate. That's the only win that will get Oblunder out of the White House.
There was nothing in ANY of obama's speeches that gave us the vaguest hint that he knew what he was doing.
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What I Ask of Romney and Obama

kvr929rr Wrote: Sep 06, 2012 12:52 AM
I think Romney's whole intent at the convention is to counter the Dem's narrative and show that he's an empathetic human who is genuinely concerned about America and it's people. There are so many petty, childish factions that believe government is the solution to their personal problems and the consequences of their ill-conceived ideologies that some pandering is inevitable. I doubt many voters would bet against him if it were only about the economy, which at this point, it really is. But, many voters don't understand that.
" ... since the departure of Contessa Brewer, is widely regarded by his colleagues as the MOST stupid on air personality EVER." Now Ann, I can't keep doing your fact-checking all the time. The only caveat is that I'm sure this column was started before Melissa Harris-Perry Ltd. Esquire Butthead began her fabulous rant against the non-existent risks of running your own business and reaping the rewards thereof. Keep up the great work.
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