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Why Liberals Love Reparations

kvr929rr Wrote: May 31, 2014 12:33 PM
How come these redistributionist clowns don't redistribute their own wealth. Why isn't that a campaign issue. These people don't realize that if the gubbmint can take someone else's wealth then they can take yours as well.
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HBO's Dreadful Reagan Lie

kvr929rr Wrote: May 30, 2014 2:37 PM
Just waiting for gravity to bring all these leftist nutjobs back to earth with a bang. Physics always triumphs over fantasy.
Christian leaders and their overwhelming incompetence is just one of the many reasons why we need Christ back here ASAP. They are also the reason I refuse to go to any organized service.
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Alcohol vs. Marijuana (Part 1)

kvr929rr Wrote: Jan 28, 2014 8:20 PM
One of the overlooked aspects of pot is that as it becomes more mainstream, less stigmatized and minimally prosecuted it can be more openly "home researched" and bred to be more and more potent. At some point this will create catastrophic health problems for unintended victims and huge costs for society at large. Then we will be back where we were with alcohol a couple of decades ago.
There are many words and phrases that he left out, Stupid Mo*%^^^%#%$ers comes to mind.
I don't think we should pay any government officials until the budget is balanced with flat taxes of 12% on personal income and 17% on corporate income. Start there the rest will follow. They're supposed to be getting paid to make the hard decisions.
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Piers Morgan Threatens to Leave USA

kvr929rr Wrote: Dec 30, 2012 12:13 PM
Tell him to GTFO. I'll kick in for the plane ticket.
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Lock Congress Up Until They Deal

kvr929rr Wrote: Dec 28, 2012 4:32 PM
We need to abandon the idea that congress has unlimited power to tax. Have the public set limits on taxation not congress. Then do a conservative revenue projection and have them build a budget that stays within those limits. To hasten the budgeting process, give them five days to come up with one that stays within revenue limits. On the morning of the fifth day start to suck the air out of the room they are locked in until they come up with a budget that stays within those limits.
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The Newtown Tragedy

kvr929rr Wrote: Dec 15, 2012 11:38 PM
The gun control nuts cannot imagine that graft, corruption and evil can exist inside government as well as outside of it. If this is the kind of carnage that one untrained nutcase can do with a couple of small arms, just imagine what a coordinated government could do with their resources. These people never think of that. To top it off, this action would easily be considered deranged by any rational human, so what does that make the murder of twice as many unborn innocents daily for dozens of years? When abortion stops and the leftist media is adequately muzzled then we can consider gun control. Perhaps when Christ comes back.
I am just done. Let America die. It's the only way to get it back.
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