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That'll be the day!
I have no doubt that this administration's incompetence (via Hillary and Barry) caused four unnecessary deaths and a tremendous loss in confidence in official America, but WHAT is being done about it?
Once upon a time you lived in a Democratic society, but longer. You now serve the state and only the state.
The only inequality he should address is between politicians and the people they should be serving!! This idiot will destroy us, before he finds something good to do.
Who are the racists? Here you have the answer.
Cuomo isn't apologizing! His political hacks are doing it for him. The man has no honor, just like most liberals.
"Chooses his words wisely next time…" If conservatives give this jerk another time, they deserve what they get.
It'll never get passed, but I like the idea.
Resort and Marina…five-star restaurant, massages, plenty of expensive booze, probably ladies to sooth your troubled souls…yep, sounds like a politician's working environment! How much taxpayers' money will you steal to get your work done?
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Our Clueless President

Ku'yyumungeh Wrote: Jan 16, 2014 9:21 AM
To assume this guy is clueless and not malicious is a mistake.
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