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The best of America is NOT represented by the most decadent spectacle since the Roman coliseum. The super bowl is a super toilet.
No, we will lose all America influence in the middle east to…wait for it…Russia!
The "boss" lies like a dog, his pups follow his lead and lie. Kerry can only tell the truth behind closed doors, so he can only deal with the truth behind closed doors. Viva la Bama!
Climate change will worsen climate change. No one, least of all liberals, know what causes the climate to change…if indeed it iid changing.
When your mind is closed to any idea other than the idea you allow your prof to sick in your head, there is much you do understand. NY liberals don't want to know anything that isn't part of the party line. They are the sort of people that made Stalin and Hitler infamous.
Next to a jack rabbit I know, Pelosi has got to be the dumbest creature on Earth. Next to Chris Mathews, of course.
…with your money.
A cess-pool would be tolerable. Plain and simple, this is tyranny at its worst!
How about a class-action suit for invasion of privacy?
That'll be the day!
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