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Who Really Cares About the Poor?

Kuwull Wrote: Oct 13, 2012 8:00 AM
Restoreliberty and scrapiron, Understand one thing and you will understand many. The welfare state has NEVER had anything to do with helping the poor. It has been, from the beginning, a vehicle for leftists in government to rob the producers for the sole pupose of buying votes from the lazy, while keeping the lazy living on a ferw crumbs. The vast majority of the funds stolen, in the NAME of the poor, are then used to line the pockets of leftist campaign contributors who return as much as possible back to the pols making "the grand bargain."
Kuwull Wrote: Oct 13, 2012 8:04 AM
While we tend to blame the lazy, of most races, for the problem, the fact is the lazy moochers are simply that: lazy moochers. They are, however, simply taking advantage of a system built specifically for them by a corrupt communist kleptocracy who has figured out how to use our own hard work and prudence to destroy us.
The third simple undeniable fact is the main culprit is the US main stream media who promote, cover for and make this all possible. WIthout the media we have, we would not have the government we have.
Don't blame the poor, lazy moochers, they are simply gullible. (simple AND gullible?)

Capitalism favors the rich. Socialism helps the poor. These are core beliefs of almost everybody on the left, including our president. Ah, but it turns out that this worldview is completely wrong.

Economists associated with the Fraser Institute and the Cato Institute have actually found a way to measure "economic freedom" and investigate what difference it makes in 141 countries around the world. This work has been in progress for several decades now and the evidence is stark. Economies that rely on private property, free markets and free trade, and avoid high taxes, regulation and inflation, grow more rapidly than...