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Stevens Died, the Administration Lied

Kuwull Wrote: Oct 10, 2012 8:07 AM
so doushebag comes on and tries to hiujack the whole thread with cut and paste Soros sponsored mis-direction. Simple facts - Stevens begged for more protection - Obama admin response was to remove what little security he did have - Stevens and three others killed in terror attack it looks admin was warned may happen (11th anniversary of 9/11 - you need warnings?) - Obama, Shrillary and Obama direct employees lie about all of it - state department officials now covering their butts with truth of what happened, when and where. No amount of doushbag mis-direction covers or diminish the facts.

IIt's important to be very careful about accusing political opponents of "lying"; for one thing, I objected when Democrats did it to George W. Bush, when Bush was clearly acting on the best intelligence he (and the world) had, which probably turned out to be mistaken about WMD in Iraq.  "Lying" is when one disseminates information one knows to be untrue, and there was never any evidence that the Bush administration did that.

But it is now clear that the Obama administration's conduct -- characterizing the terrorist attacks in Libya and the murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens on 9/11/12 as a...