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Obama's Bogus Zip Code Fundraising Problem

Kuwull Wrote: Oct 22, 2012 7:46 AM
I hate to harp here folks, but the MSM is America's most serious enemy. We must take them out after this election. Do you think their advertisers can afford half the nation NEVER doing business with them again? The MSM are already hurting, teh papers are barely staying afloat. One good boycott movement will finish them off. If the Tea Party is not going to come together to defeat our enemies, what good is it?

Three weeks ago, I brought you a story about President Obama's illegal foreign campaign money loophole. As a refresher, President Obama's campaign donation website does not have basic, industry standard security measures to prevent fraud and foreign donations according to a report done by the Government Accountability Institute [GAI]. 

Now, GAI is out with a second report examining reported financial contribution data on the Federal Election Commission website and to "determine the effectiveness of campaign anti-fraud security tools in weeding out online donations made using incomplete or inaccurate zip code entries" for both the 2012 Romney and Obama...