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Stuck on Stupid

Kuwull Wrote: Jun 13, 2014 7:27 AM
Very well thought out and presented. Hat is off.
So, the Whitehouse admitted Obama broke the law. What more evience is needed for impeachment than a confession?
All that is missing from their excuses is Porky Pig's three word opening; Bdip, bdip, bdip!
That's it, folks. The democrats are admitting they have NOTHING to counter the criticism of ALL their and Obama's failed policies. They've worn out the race card, they know they've worn it out, but they are admitting they have NOTHING ELSE to fall back on. Guess what, Democrats? Call us racist, all you want, no one cares any longer.
And you call us racist?
How many campaigns is Michael Moore giving money to, through the same system? It DOES NOT exonerate Dinesh, but it would be nice to see laws equally enforced. He could have hired them to do some menial task for the money, then it would have been legal.
If I were Sterling, I would suspend playing the team, liquidate all assets and hold all the players to their contracts for their full term. The contracts are pocket change to him. As soon as the last player contract expires, terminate the team.
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Chipotle: Don't bring guns in our stores

Kuwull Wrote: May 20, 2014 8:31 AM
No problem, I don't like your food, anyway. My wife does, but now she won't want to eat there, either. Thank you.
Use IRS tactics against the IRS! March in with armed agents and demand all records, NOW! No quarter for these thugs.
All that needs done is relieve the democrats trying to damage the proceedings from the panel. No problem. Ask relevant questions, designed to get to the non-partisan truth, or go away.
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GOP Future: From Tea to Pot?

Kuwull Wrote: Apr 24, 2014 8:54 AM
Lowery has never been a Tea Party supporter. The future of the GOP is to embrace the Tea Party and the Liberty movement. These are both movements traditional republican base will also support, if they are not actually already a part of them. Romney lost because he alienated the Liberty movement the first day of the convention and never got them back.
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