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Obama, Reid, BLM, IRS, BATF, on and on and on, are OPENLY and PLAINLY saying we are their enemies. They are using the full weight and force of the US Government against a large segment of the US population. At what point do we retaliate?
Hey, look another great photo of "PhuquetheNevada Ranchers" Reid!
Hey Jimmah Coonazz, if black Amerca ever wakes up and figures out who the TRUE racists are, the democraps are done, for good.
Because his grandfather PURCHASED the right to graze these lands, then the feds come in and change the game, any time they feel like it. He even paid the fees, when originally levied, because the fees were levied to help the ranchers better manage the land. He began refusing to voluntarily pay the fees when they started using the ranchers' own money against them.
This is the same BS post, cut and pasted by BLM stooges all over facebook over the weekend. It has been refuted, many times, by actual links to the court cases, which the feds LOST. Bundy's grandfather PUCHASED the rights to graze this land, he did not LEASE them. This is typical fed rules changes, any time they feel like changing them, and Bundy is standing up and saying NO. There are quite a few of the other 52 ex-Golden Butte ranchers verifying every word of Bundy's story,
All Republicans need to do is stay on message and denounce the democrat's desperation. The republicans need to renounce democrat attitudes toward minorities. From their attitude that minorities can't make it without their help, democrats admit they believe minorities are ignorant and worthless. Republicans are holding out their hands and saying, "come join us in rebuilding this great nation, we know you can do it the same as we do."
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The “Assault Weapon” Rebellion

Kuwull Wrote: Apr 12, 2014 3:10 PM
The way polls are currently going, his idea will work quite well. How'd the feds do in Nevada, moron?
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BREAKING: Kathleen Sebelius Resigns

Kuwull Wrote: Apr 11, 2014 8:53 AM
Since she is no longer employed by the federal government, can she be forced to testify before congress? Is she subject to civil suit for her actions against the people?
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Chuck Stone (1924-2014)

Kuwull Wrote: Apr 11, 2014 8:49 AM
I can't understand why blacks continue to support the politicians and black leaders who believe they are ignorant and worthless. Only someone who sees a people as ignorant and worthless would insist they can't make it without liberal assistance. Only those who see blacks as ignorant and worthless would claim people who believe blacks can make it, on their own, are trying to destroy the black community. Only those who see blacks as ignorant and worthless would observe the destruction of the black community and black family, caused by THEIR VERY POLICIES and NOT change their policies.
Is anyone else having the difficulties with typing communication to TownHall.com? It seems nearly half the letters typed don't take. I do not have this problem with other websites.
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