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do we really understand where the job growth is headed? marijuana the new frontier.
the economy is cyclical...Did Greenspan help or hurt job growth.
Or maybe Obama does understand...this is one more step in his overall plan. Hey, arpiem what are you going to do when the boss eliminates the "term limits".. from elections ..every four years to every eight years... then to permanently..Obama in the white house forever.!!
...Yes, and what about the issue of "cost push inflation?:"..A condition of generally rising prices caused by factor payments to one or more groups of resource owners increasing faster than productivity or efficiency. it is usually attributed to a monopolistic market power possessed by some resource owners, unions, or business firms. "wage-push" are the most common forms of cost-push inflation.
this increases the costs of business borrowing and forces many firms out of the financial markets!. For both reasons, therefore,private incentives to work, save and invest...may be diminished, thus reducing productive capital investment.....
..Charles you make a good point!..Perhaps this will make it more clear.."Capitalism and communism, driven by the process of industrialization,will eventully merge to form a new kinda society in wich the personal freedoms and profit motive of western capitalistic democracies blend with the goverment controls that exist in acommunistic [sov- rus] economy.
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