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What we need is a Freedom From Pushy Atheists and Homosexuals Foundation.
This is what I do,,,,make a spamming nuisance of myself. You too can be a marketing parasite.
What would be awesome would be for leftist trash cruising the ghettos for ballots meeting up with some lads keen on the knockout game.
A little more than one in four of their clients are teens, and 45% of abortions are repeat abortions. Sure, nothing wrong about promiscuity. Nothing wrong with anything that keeps the money flowing in, right PP?
It's been rather a long time since Pelousy passed it so that people could become aware of how the socialist medicine law/powergrab is supposed to work. And lack of awareness can certainly not be due to Ovomit having spent insufficient taxpayer money on pro-Ovomitcare propaganda.
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