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Hurrah for the Fiscal Cliff

kurt35 Wrote: Nov 11, 2012 10:40 PM
Im with you on this. Im putting all my available cash into gold and waiting out the storm. I was going to invest in property if Romney had won, now I will just hold on to my money lest Obama get his dirty paws on it to pay for Obamacare.

The market continues in its new role of town crier, instead of seer of all things. This is an Oracle that only understands the parameters. In this case, the parameters are clear. If we go off this fiscal cliff, we all perish. Ironically, it's not the recession that comes with the draconian triggered by inaction, but the fact that our leaders let us down, once again.

While President Obama has won the election, he could still lose the war - big time. It is my feeling that the President prefers to have a legacy that speaks to progressives for centuries....

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