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The Biggest Loser

Kurt114 Wrote: Feb 02, 2013 6:20 PM
I don't think extricating us from debt is Bernanke's concern. By holding interest rates artificially low he hopes to do two things. One is to stimulate consumption via consumer and business debt. The other is to prevent the federal government from imploding under the weight of the cost of servicing the national debt. By doing the second thing, enabling more deficit spending, he in effect is allowing politicians to continue to indulge their vice and drive us further into economic oblivian. Time for a little tough love.

In Switzerland, it's not just the clocks that are cuckoo. Over the past four years Swiss politicians and central bankers have gone on an unprecedented buying spree of foreign exchange reserves. In 2012, their cache swelled to as much as $420 billion worth of various currencies, primarily the euro. This figure is a seven-fold increase since 2008 and equates to 70% of the country's annual GDP. 

The sum translates to $200,000 per family of four, enough to keep the Swiss in clocks, chocolates, and fondue for many years to come. The Swiss leadership will claim the money has been "invested" with...