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Disgusting Leftist Mark Lamont Hill Compares Cop Killer to a 'Super Hero'

Kurt114 Wrote: Feb 17, 2013 6:52 AM
Sharon, it's ok. We understand that personal attacks and ridicule are the refuge of those on the losing side of an argument. You are right. Giles had no business criticizing Prof. Hill. Hill is 1) Black, and 2) liberal. Therefore, anything Mr. Hill says or does is not to be questioned. I'm sure an apology is in order. Please don't call us names anymore. We are so sorry.

Nothing really stuns me anymore about the Left and their lunacy. That was until this week when soulless Columbia professor Mark Lamont Hill appeared on CNN and got giddy about cop killer Chris Dorner. Hill said Dorner’s murderous revenge spree was “exciting,” and was like Jamie Foxx’s character in Tarantino’s latest flick, D’jango Unchained.

Hill doubled down on his stupidity during the same interview by stating Chris’ homicidal orgy was akin to the exploits of a “super hero.” I was speechless when I heard such vomit roll off that quack’s tongue.

In contrast to numb nuts, Dorner's mother,...