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The Common Core Conundrum

Kurt114 Wrote: Apr 18, 2014 1:47 PM
This article is spot on. Without giving too much personal information, let me just say that I quit teaching math because of what Common Core required me to do in the classroom. Questioning what we were doing was not allowed, even when the supporting literature we were given to read did not actually support what we were doing. I have no doubt whatsoever that test scores will decline over time. The new math teachers, who don't know any better, tend to be on board with the changes. After all, they are grateful to have a job and have student loans to repay. The older ones are largely counting the months to retirement, or switching to teaching a different subject. Administrators at the local, state, and federal level are patting each other on the back about how enlightened they are. They seem to think they have successfully reinvented the wheel with regards to math instruction, though they couldn't survive for a week in a real classroom, where theory meets the harsh light of reality. Trainers and textbook peddlers are making a fortune. The kids are paying the price. They will not have the skills to be successful in technical fields at the university level.
I feel your pain, thom. My wife and I lined up three retirements between us, got our kids through school. Not eligible for financial aid, since we were stupid enough to save. We retired three years ago. Now that we can't deduct our kids or the tuition our taxes have shot up. I am looking at going back to work f/t for the sole purpose of paying federal taxes. Who is oppressing who in this country?
Quick! Contact the Justice Department!
To quote the Rev-er-and Jack-son, "Stay out the Bushes." Jeb Bush is a dream candidate for the Republican establishment. If they nominate him I will vote Libertarian. Let the Republicans keep losing elections for nominating progressive candidates.
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What's Race Got to Do With It?

Kurt114 Wrote: Apr 04, 2014 6:10 PM
And if the shooter had been anything but Hispanic this column would not have been written.
New Yorkers who voted him in are finding out the difference between theory and practice.
Yet more evidence that we have become a lawless state.
If Jesse wants an explanation he just needs to look at national math scores broken down by race. If he wants to do something about it, he would encourage "his people" to get off welfare, have children with men who will help support them, and quit the victim stance. Take away the toxic environment Jesse has helped create and minority kids do as well, or better, than any others. It's hard, but it's fair.
When you are one of the people pulling the wagon, or rowing the boat, it is difficult to stay motivated. When I found out this month how large of a check I was going to have to write the IRS I didn't work for a week. Why spend half of each day working to support people who despise me? If I have enough income to meet my obligations, why strive for more when so much will be taken away? Went back to work so I can save up for next year's tax bill. Just working to offset accumulating tax obligations, while building more tax obligations in the process. Not much of a motivator. Like jogging with a hundred pound pack on my back.
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Conservatives Debate Immigration Reform

Kurt114 Wrote: Feb 28, 2014 8:30 AM
So the best way to stop illegal immigration is to reward it with legalization. Got it. Ms. Chavez does not want the honest debate she claims is in order. Otherwise she wouldn't slant her arguments as she does. She is an advocate. She seems, for years now, to simply want special treatment for those with whom she shares her ancestry. US national interests come second. Nothing noble or complicated in that.
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