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The leadership of both parties agree that the gravy train must roll on. Problem is, the current system if financially unsustainable and socially destructive. Anyone who points this out is labeled as radical.
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Wise Warren and Crazy Cruz

Kurt114 Wrote: Dec 17, 2014 7:31 AM
Warren would grow the D.C. beast, Cruz would shrink it. Cruz threatens the status quo, and the potential of realizing a socialist utopia. This is a battle the statists cannot win fairly. They need the propaganda machine of major media in their corner to distort perceptions.
If Bush III is nominated I will vote for a third party candidate.
But look at the up side. If the feds aren't going to enforce the laws we don't have to pay income taxes anymore, right? Oh, I guess we do. But, hey, if ICE serves no purpose anymore it can be defunded, right? No? Anyway, look at the upside of the abandonment of the enforcement of immigration laws. Now we can all own a retirement home in Mexico, right? No? Mexico is still going to enforce it's strict immigration laws? Non-citizens can't own real estate in Mexico? Surely the Republican leadership will stand for the rule of law though. You mean they tried to push through an amnesty in 2006? We are screwed and tattooed.
Great point, Woz.
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The Tree of National Socialism

Kurt114 Wrote: Dec 09, 2014 6:33 AM
Sad, but its gotten to the point that I generally assume that the truth is the opposite of what the government says. A bill does the opposite of what it alleges to do. For example, the Affordable Care Act makes health care less affordable. The government promotes lies, and attacks the truth.
This is an example of why I am a registered independent....... We have one party. The Dems are ideologues. They at least stand for something. The Repubs are for sale to the highest bidder. Neither party is looking out for the best interest of the middle class schmucks who pay taxes. I stopped writing my congressmen when I finally realized that they didn't care what I had to say unless I stapled a huge check to my letters. Stop looking to Washington for answers. It's a waste of time. Washington is, itself, the problem.
Distrust of the Federal Reserve is deserving of respect.
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“Empathize With Our Enemies?"

Kurt114 Wrote: Dec 07, 2014 10:02 AM
Too bad her powers of empathy don't extend to domestic entities that disagree with her politics. She demonizes conservatives, seeks understanding with our enemies. That is telling as to whom she sees as the greater risk.
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