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typo meant I am an ex-gay man, sorry.
Rjeremy by the tone of your response to my comment (cupcake) shows how selfish you really are toward me and for your information ,I really feel real sad that you &other gay rights fascists will do anything to force people to accept homosexual behavior even to the point using the power of the government to do it.P.S. I am an exay man.
Planned parenthood thinks that they are above the law ,because they really believe that they are helping women , just like the doctors in Nazis Germany were helping alleviating the suffering of the handicapped & others they considered unworthy to live.
Rjeremy why are you so full of hate toward anyone who believe in God is it because you are afraid that there might really be a God that you & others are going to be accountable for your selfish behavior?
Sorry Rjeremy all you are doing is showing what is called projecting your own selfish attitude on those you disagree with & then claim that is they are the who are selfish.
Darby you have to remember that Jesus also gave his life even for everyone even people like RJeremy & others ,because God does not want anyone to perish but wants everyone to be saved.
Hey everyone all RJeremy is doing is setting up straw men arguments just so he can knock them down ,because he is not willing to listen anyone who does not support his selfish desires . That is typical of anyone who doe not want God & Jesus in their life.
Hey Darby you have to realize that will & others like him are so dedicated to their gay agenda that no matter much you try reason with them ,they will just ignore what ever you or I have to say ,because will _ethen1980 will just see anti-gay bigotry in our comments.,
Hi David I see that by tone of your responses that you think that anyone who will not accept homosexual marriage as normal is automatically in your selfish little world a homophobic bigot who wants to kill anyone who is homosexual & oppress them in America which you know is a lie but I guess you have convinced yourself that you & others are protecting gays from homophobic bigotry , when it goes to show how closed minded you really are.
P.S. I am an ex homosexual man that Du2 & others will claim do not exist plus for every ones information Du2 is not black like he claims,that goes to show how homosexual fascists will lie to force people to accept homosexual behavior as normal.
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