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Hey Right most of the time by the tone of your response to me it shows to me &others here that you are so wrapped in yourself that you really believe that I attacked you ,when I did nothing of the sort. You are doing is what is known pychological terms is what is called projection of your own way of thinking on someone else.
Sorry Mike _ Hillinger his science isn't spot on like you claim ,by making that claim & then quoting one paper that probably is written by a scientist that believes in so called man made global warming as a scientific fact . It just shows that you believe man made climate change is real as well.
Hey Right none of time I feel real sorry for you because you act like you are better than everyone else on this site ,I have news for you are not any better than anyone else & besides you just show everyone here that you are not as smart as you think you are . Please stop having a temper tantrum when someone doesn't agree with you .You don't know anything about who I am ,so stop holding me &others with such condescending contempt please , because it will show how ignorant you really are.
Hey Right most I see that you are unwilling to listen to anyone else on this site & it shows in your response to my comments as well . You probably think that everyone else on this site are stupid just because someone like Mr. Ransom holds you & others up to ridicule for some of the stupid comments you make.
Hello Ericynot1 I ,Why are you resorting to childish name calling of me ? because I was not agreeing with Right most at all , so why don't you grow up &comment like an adult instead of coming across like a 10 year child ?
Meant to say "your comments" instead & also meant to put in the word "you sound like a10 year old." sorry everyone!
Hey Fuzzy how old are you really ,because your comment toward some people here make sound like a 10 year old.
Hey everyone the response to Fuzzy2 was meant to be sarcastic.
Hey Fuzzy2 why all the hate man? Why don't you &others like yourself just promote peace & love ,then smoke a couple of bongs man?
Why Dr. Roy do you regurgitate the same worn out arguments over & over again ,is it because you have nothing to bring the conversation that's original?
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