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The same way that millions of hetrosexual couples reproduce when their personal biology says "no" -- through science and/or adoption.
I believe I was born homosexual, that is the only explaination I have for why I am a way that I don't wish to be and remain homosexual despite 20 years of attempting every method ever heard of to try to change. If this was a psychological problem, then surely something would have made a dent somewhere along the line.
How could anything be a sin if you wern't christian, it's a word and concept invented by christianity.
But we allow infertile and childless couples to marry and grant them all the same legal rights as fertile couples -- that means that marriage and child bearing and rearing are not inextricably tied in this country.
The problem is the 1100 rights and responsibilites that the federal government attaches to the marriage contract that cannot be gained any other way. That is what is discriminatory, and that is what must change.
Seagulls form homosexual pair-bonds, as do penguins, and several other species of birds. Bonobos and other sexually promscuious primates copulate homosexually, for pleasure and social bonding, and some seem to prefer homosexual encounters to hetroseuxal ones. Some male sheep will choose to mount other males even when females are avialable. And there are more.
They made the same argument when interracial marriage was illegal and it failed then too.
Consumers are allowed to vote with their dollars, and people are allowed to protest decisions that companies make. There are protestors outside my local Planned Parenthood office every day, are you saying that they must be pro-gay becasue they are allowed to pubically express their opinions?
I agree. But, as you said, for most people love is nothing but a feeling and we are dealing with "most people" when we are discussing laws. And there must be some kind of biological basis for homosexuality, otherwise it wouldn't happen in species besides humans.
Sexual orienantion is not a behavior. Even if one never has sex one still knows with whom one wishes to have sex and that is what defines sexual orientation.
And I have no problem telling you to "shove it" if you decide to diagnose my "problems" without my specifically asking you too.
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