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'Gang of Eight' Members Angry with Rubio Over Border Security Amendments?

kschmitt Wrote: Jun 16, 2013 7:21 PM
I just wrote to Rubio the other day and told him I financially supported him in his Senate primary based on his stance on amnesty. I told him he lied and I want my money back, Do you think I will get it? Rubio has proven to me, besides being a liar he's also a fool for getting involved with Schumer and McCain. I'm done with voting for Republican squish. If this bill passes both houses I'm going to go to the courthouse that week and unregister as a Republican. I hope others will join me.
RLinAZ Wrote: Jun 30, 2013 5:18 PM
And I have already renounced my membership in the Republican Party. Any participation in this immigration bill is clearly a full frontal betrayal of the conservative movement.

What to make of this?  I'll raise a few theories below, but here's the Washington Post's Greg Sargent on supposed internal conflict within the 'Gang of Eight:'

Republican and Democratic senators in the “gang of eight” immigration reform group gave Marco Rubio an earful at a private meeting this week, telling him they were frustrated with his public embrace of overly conservative border security measures and his failure to adequately communicate with them over strategy, which they said was putting reform at risk, I’m told. The details of the private meeting on Wednesday – which were shared with me by...