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What if their parents lose their own health ins. due to getting their hours cut to parttime or just can't afford it.
I just wrote to Rubio the other day and told him I financially supported him in his Senate primary based on his stance on amnesty. I told him he lied and I want my money back, Do you think I will get it? Rubio has proven to me, besides being a liar he's also a fool for getting involved with Schumer and McCain. I'm done with voting for Republican squish. If this bill passes both houses I'm going to go to the courthouse that week and unregister as a Republican. I hope others will join me.
We've already sent the most ridiculous people in America to Washington
Next, it will be women being sued for not having sex with everyone. Thy need to start being more accomodating
I didn't even dream of this insanity five years ago.
But it's not just arkansas that's going to be affected by this, it's everyone
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