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Still not a bad as when the Jerry Sandusky story broke.... Try explaining that to a then 8 year old.
We send our kids to Christian School, in a effort to preserve their childhood, but cannot protect them from the media.... We do our best.
I don't agree that Collins was brave. I think he was selfish. I have a 10 year old, sports crazy son who turns on ESPN as soon as he gets home from school everyday. Now I have to explain homosexuality to him, was hoping I had a few years before that happened.
No you are wrong and so are they. Assault weapon is a political term that refers to how 'scary' a gun looks and has very little to do with actual function. If a gun has a flash suppressor and a collapseable stock it is considered an 'assault weapon. It could still be a semi-auto.
Another argument for private schools. At least one teacher I know, where my kids go to school, is carrying. I'd like to see someone walk into her 1st grade class room and start shooting.
This breaks my heart. Who would exploit people like this! My grandparents would never have used language like this. Really, it breaks my heart.
Yet another reason to vote Romney/Ryan!
I will vote Romney/Ryan Because I am more than just my 'lady parts'!
Or "You didn't build that" or "I think when you spread the wealth around that's a good thing."
It really depends on where you shoot the deer. Since moving to Kansas my husband has shot several deer that are quite tasty, but I have had some terrible venison from other parts of the country. I personally don't hunt but I am pretty handy with a shotgun!
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