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We Are at a Turning Point

ksatifka Wrote: Jul 12, 2012 12:06 PM
In answer to your question - "what are we going to do about it?" - I fear the answer is "what can we do?" Witness the cancellation of your great show "Freedom Watch" before it came too close to the election. Was it because of low ratings? I doubt it as FBN's ratings are low no matter what. I'll bet your show's ratings were at or near the top of that network. Was it because you were too controversial and refused to tow the party line? This seems much more likely. When you started to advocate for Ron Paul and Julian Assange (both noble causes) I thought your goose was cooked and the powers-that-be would silence you. Why do you even stay with that pathetic network?

Presently in America, nearly half of all households receive either a salary or substantial benefits from the government. Presently in America, nearly half of all adults pay no federal income taxes. Presently in America, the half that pay no income taxes receive the bulk of their income courtesy of the government, but ultimately from the half that do. This money is extracted involuntarily from the paying half by a permanent bureaucracy that extracts and gives away more each year no matter who is running the government. The recipients of these transfer payments rely upon them for subsistence, so they have a...