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The Fall of the House of Labor

ksatifka Wrote: Dec 14, 2012 11:53 AM
Anyone who has the ignorance to call the great Pat Buchanan a 'moron' is truly an idiot. How many best-selling books have you published, magnetar?
Corbett_ Wrote: Dec 14, 2012 12:41 PM

Everyone has their blind spot. Buchanan's is economics. He is absolutely wrong about the subject -- no matter how many best selling books he has written. Economically, he IS a moron. He is dead wrong and keep spouting off on the subject.

Of course that doesn't mean he is moronic on everything. As you point out, he has written several excellent books on other topics. It is interesting, that he and Dr. Sowell are opposites on the subjects of free trade and foreign policy. Sowell supports free trade, but wants us to "do something" about Iran. I will back Sowell on economics, but Buchanan on foreign policy.

In 1958, Senate Minority Leader William Knowland, his eye on the 1960 GOP nomination coveted by fellow Californian Richard Nixon, went home and declared for governor.

Knowland's plan: Ride to victory on the back of Proposition 18, the initiative to make right-to-work the law in the Golden Land. Prop. 18 was rejected 2 to 1. Knowland's career was over, and the Republicans were decimated nationally for backing right-to-work.

Badly burned, the party for years ran away from the issue.

This history makes what happened in Michigan, cradle of the United Auto Workers, astonishing. A GOP legislature passed and Gov....