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Party Like It’s 1978: Governor Jerry Brown And The Same Ol’ Failed Ideas

ksatifka Wrote: May 27, 2012 6:29 PM
On the federal level, 50% of people don't pay taxes (except for FICA, which is often more than offset by the EITC). As I (thankfully) don't live in CA, I'm curious as to what percentage pay state income taxes there. If it is also only about 50%, then the voters will probably vote to raise taxes. If you don't pay in the first place, why vote against a tax increase?

Taxes must be raised.

Either that, or teachers and cops will be laid-off, and the people of California will suffer. 

So says Governor Jerry Brown, as he seeks to convince Californians that they should vote themselves higher taxes. The Golden State’s circumstances are dire, yet Jerry Brown is facing the crisis with an approach that’s nearly forty years old.  He was saying this same thing – leveling these same threats - back in 1978.

We’ll go back to the 70’s in a moment, but first let’s put California in its current context. Despite how anybody feels about...