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Men Find Careers in Collecting Disability

ksatifka Wrote: Dec 03, 2012 4:24 PM
In my home state of PA, a family of six on straight welfare (TANF) receives $614/month in cash, plus food stamps (SNAP) and medicaid. A child on SSI (of which there are hundreds of thousands in my state alone) receives over $700. Some families may have 3 or 4 children on SSI and they all receive the $700+ per month. There is a HUGE incentive for parents to get their children on SSI (often called crazy money). This is in addition to adults trying to get SSI/SSDI. Where does it end???
Americans are very generous to people with disabilities. Since passage of the Americans With Disabilities Act in 1990, millions of public and private dollars have been spent on curb cuts, bus lifts and special elevators.

The idea has been to enable people with disabilities to live and work with the same ease as others, as they make their way forward in life. I feel sure the large majority of Americans are pleased that we are doing this.

But there is another federal program for people with disabilities that has had an unhappier effect. This is the disability insurance (DI) program, which...