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The War on Pot: Not a Safe Bet

Krymsun Wrote: Jan 31, 2013 12:17 PM
I am quoting here another's comment: Gevalt says: 'The drug war against cannabis, as currently constituted, countenances too many morally impermissible (harm-exacerbating) side effects to warrant being dignified as an acceptable policy choice. The routinization of SWAT (with the inevitable wrong-door dynamic entries and predictable, horrifying consequences) [ ] as well as the institutionalization of asset forfeiture abuse (“cop piracy”) is enough by itself to warrant calling off the drug dogs. We don’t necessarily need a free market but we do need to end the war-like tactics.'
As recreational drugs go, marijuana is relatively benign. Unlike alcohol, it doesn't stimulate violence or destroy livers. Unlike tobacco, it doesn't cause lung cancer and heart disease. The worst you can say is that it produces intense, unreasoning panic. Not in users, but in critics.

Those critics have less influence all the time. Some 18 states permit medical use of marijuana, and in November, Colorado and Washington voted to allow recreational use. Nationally, support for legalization is steadily rising. A decade ago, one of every three Americans favored the idea. Today, nearly half do -- and among those under 50, a large...