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The Death of Depth

Kruzer36 Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 9:50 AM
Many people are happier with being fake and worthless as opposed to being real and having a sense of value and self-respect. This society is getting trashier by the moment.

It's very likely that kids will find this column to be, like, totally stupid, and will conclude that they can write one sooooo much better. They will declare this on their Twitter feed, sandwiched between the hundreds of photos of themselves making that pursed-lips "duck face," then wait for the "friends" they've never met in person to tell them how hot they look.

That's because compared with 30 years ago, more American students think they're above average in writing, leadership, intelligence, drive and social skills, according to a BBC analysis of college freshmen data by psychologist Jean Twenge....