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Corporate Tax Laffer Curve

Kruelhunter Wrote: May 04, 2012 8:49 PM
The idea of a corporate income tax is even stupider and more immoral than the personal version; stupid in that it is paid not by corporations which merely collect it, but by the corporation's customer who also pay a personal income tax. Immoral because it is simply wrong to take from free persons that which they have earned by their own labor. Better that that approximate average of 23 cents per dollar, think about that - corporate taxes amount to nearly a quarter of the price of the goods or services that they sell, should be attached to the purchase of those goods and services honestly and directly. Such a tax system would encourage savings and investment, while discouraging rampant consumerism. Support the Fair Tax.
lastman Wrote: May 04, 2012 9:04 PM
But if that wasn't a concept that goes over the head of much our electorate, these progressive politicians would not have been continually elected the past eighty years.

The Sunday New York Times described Apple’s successful efforts to reduce its U.S. and California corporate tax burdens. The article hints that the situation is a moral outrage, and it includes sob stories of governments that are supposedly hurting because they don’t raise enough tax revenues from businesses.

More importantly, the story provides further evidence that corporate profits, investment capital, intellectual property, and reported income are highly mobile in the global economy. Dan Mitchell and I examined these issues at length in Global Tax Revolution.

What should the United States do about the new global reality of footloose...

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