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The DNC As I Saw It

krhealeo Wrote: Sep 09, 2012 1:18 PM
Apparently there is a limit to the length of a comment. Let me add what was cut off until my comment is finished. I am 61 years and and NEVER BEFORE have I heard so many people saying that they are in doubt that there will even be elections this year because of the sword of Damocles that Mr. Obama now has hanging above the this nation. WHERE WERE YOU BACK IN MARCH AND APRIL? Why was the Federal government NOT SHUT DOWN UNTIL THIS Executive Order, this LITERAL Sword of Damocles, was cast off? WHY? PS. If you reading this do not understand the unprecedented, and what should also be so illegal, power that our President has so boldly taken for himself with this Executive Order of March 16, Google it and learn the danger to our Republic...

I spent this week in Camp Vagina, aka the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. I call it Camp Vagina because attendees heard more about genitals than any ideas on how to fix President Obama’s broken economy. Overall, for a convention to promote a campaign with the theme of “Forward,” Democrats sure spent a lot of time looking backwards.

Trying to get the audience to look backwards makes perfect sense when you consider the endless parade of parasites and degenerates who marched across the stage.

Here’s a diary, of sorts, of what I saw.


The DNC was...