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I never mentioned the amount that could be saved by eliminating the Federal Department of Education; giving the TSA back to the states; closing the Department of Homeland Security; defunding the DOJ until Holder comes clean about Fast and Furious, etc. If the government would let the American people they are STEALING from tell THEM how to spend OUR money, I'll bet WE could come up with a whole lot of savings!!! We could probably eliminate the deficit, cut the budget in half, and actually SAVE some money!! And, we should repeal Dodd-Frank and fire Ben Bernanke in the process, to say nothing of Obamacare.
10. Make Obama and his stupid wife live within their means 11. Cut White House travel budget in half And THAT's just a SMALL list See! I have already SAVED at LEAST $400 BILLION!! And, I NEVER touched entitlements OR the military!!!
Come on. Let's cut all that other wasteful spending that are the Sacred Cows to our idiot "representatives" in Washington D.C., BEFORE we start cutting the military!! How about: 1. Making federal employees pay ALL of their back and unpaid back taxes? (1 billion) 2. AMTRAK should be SELF-SUPPORTING!! (156 billion) 3. Federal "aid" to Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood (210 billion) 4. NPR (500 thousand?) 5. Planned Parenthood (2 billion AT LEAST) 6. Obama's many vacations ($20 million JUST to Hawaii) 7. Cut Congressional operating budgets (1 billion AT LEAST) 8. Sell off empty government buildings (14,000) 9. Cut White House operating budget in HALF -- Make Obama live within his budget (continued below)
I find it quite funny that every Presidential candidate since Reagan has stated "I'm going to go through the federal budget LINE BY LINE to find wasteful spending," when EVERYONE in the country knows or SHOULD know that the Line Item Veto was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.
Way to go, Mr. Shapiro!!
Not. That person can block their information on the internet. I have done it.
But it doesn't have to be public record. Further, that is exactly what that traitor Dianne Feinstein wants with her legislation. If I want to buy ammunition, I should not be judged on that decision. Where will it stop? Gee, let's publish the grocery lists of people, those who have prescription medication and what those medications are Rental agreements Credit card numbers and credit limits Yep!!! Let's just make it ALL public so NOBODY will ever have any privacy again.
You know, obituaries used to list the addresses of the deceased. Then, they wised up and found out that criminals were making a note of those addresses, along with the time of the funeral, and then GOING to those houses to clean them out while the grieving family was burying their loved one. If I am not mistaken, the State Assemblies around the country made this practice illegal after the outcry of the bereaved. Why can't the same thing happen here? I would publish names, addresses, and pictures of the houses of those who published this information. I would also publish pictures of their vehicles, their hours of work, etc. In other words, as bad as it sounds, tit for tat. What goes around comes around.
NO, NO, NO!!! The semantics are all wrong! LOLOL! PETA does have MENTAL health -- it just isn't very stable!! (oops - pardon the pun)
Because he's right or because you are a fool?
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