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Adams 2016

KrankyMike Wrote: Dec 10, 2012 9:56 AM
On point 10: I agree that we need fewer gays and women in the military, but we do need more real men in the miltary in this age of Islamism. Possibly getting rid of the Department of Education will result in more real men graduating high school. Point 11 -- we need to rein in the Fed, not abolish it. What would we use for money? Do you think each bank should have its own currency (as some did in the depression)? Don't get started on the gold standard because repealing it was possibly the only good thing FDR did. Even third world counties now have currency based on electrons. On balance, though -- you have my vote!

I'm getting sick and tired of people asking me why I'm running for president in 2016. The answer is that I have to run. The GOP can't run another big government establishment candidate masquerading as a true conservative. So I'm stepping up to the plate. And I'm going to win, largely because my policies will appeal to young people, libertarians, and Reagan Democrats. But that’s enough of the generalities. Here are the twelve specific changes you can expect when I become your 45th president.

1. Passing the 28th Amendment. There is a proposed 28th Amendment floating around the Internet. It...