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Where is their sacred "tolerance" now?
I figured that. I just love how libs always play a blame game, no matter the circumstance
lois writes: how is this any worse than people getting death threats for supporting gun control? Is that supposed to be some type of justification, Lois?
Is your comment supposed to be some kind of justification?
And Russia just warned him of Al Qaida amongst the Syrian rebels, but he will send them weapons anyway.
I'm sure it doesn't seem that long ago for the families of the murdered.
it's already the albatross around Americans' necks
That's the best thing I've ever heard him say.
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Liberals Suck at Math and Eyeballs

kpistol Wrote: Apr 29, 2013 3:06 PM
"About the only thing slimier than a liberal is a liberal who tries to hide it by pretending to be independent." So true!
Won't be once Obamacare is in effect. I'm betting anyone that is depressed, will get reported
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