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Rationing and Redefining Personhood

kparker812 Wrote: Oct 27, 2012 1:40 AM
Also important to remember is that not all terminally-ill people are elderly. My 6 year old is dying. Should he be killed off faster so as to be less of a "drain" to society's resources? Such a thought is disgusting.

On October 10th, as part of Chicago's annual "Ideas Week," I participated in a debate on health care rationing hosted by "Intelligence Squared." My partner was Sally Pipes of the Pacific Research Institute, and our opponents were Peter Singer, infamous Princeton professor of bioethics, and Dr. Art Kellermann of the RAND Corporation. Properly framed, the issue was whether the government should ration health care at the end of life. As actually framed, the proposition was: Ration end-of-life care. Our opponents argued government should ration such care, our side said no.

The audience voted overwhelmingly in favor of rationing at...