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I believe if the RINO’s capitulate on this, we are seeing the end of the GOP as we know it. I do believe it will be the proverbial “straw that breaks the camel’s back” moment. RINO’s will lose what little credibility they have left and conservatives will fall away in droves. This will fracture the GOP forever.
I heard John Stewart will take Brian Williams place and Brian Williams will now do the Daily show.
Even though Rubio would be a better choice than Jeb or Putterman (Christy), Rubio has no experience, and most importantly, divided his base with his stance on immigration. Conservatives, like me, have no interest in Rinos or Liars/(liberals). He now fits in that camp.
Sage, I have read Chris’s books and I believe this is a message to see by all Patriots. I had the pleasure of meeting Chris on a book tour when he gave a talk over a lunch in Chicago. He was the most un-assuming person I have ever met, humble to a fault. He came into the meeting with his dog on a leash, wearing beaten up jeans and shirt, and wearing sandals into a place that had a dress code of “business casual”. And yet, he was in complete control of the room. He is a hero and I will always honor him as such. And the best way I know how to is to support his movie/books and family.
Corbett, I have to disagree with you that they are not trying to bring about their “law”. It is written in the Koran that they must do so. If you truly believe this, how do you explain the no-go zones like in Dearborn, MI? also, you say they need a military to fight us “infidels” yet they seem to being a pretty good job of making terror all over the world. Russia thought the same thing in Afghanistan as did we. Islam is patient and has been fighting this battle for 1500 years.
Great post about what people do not understand about Islam. A point I would add is that muslims are not required to tell the truth, and can lie directly, to non-muslims, to move forward the cause Islam. That is why you can never trust something an imam, or any other muslim, might say about intentions, etc. They will say whatever is needed to move forward their cause.
It is all about Islam and the Koran. Here is the basic tenet of it: An Islam extremist wants to behead you; Islam moderates wish for that Islam extremist to behead you.
I bet the Top 10 are all liberal run states.
Yes, very true (ie: Common Core education)
george washington Wrote: 27 mins ago (2:22 PM) You only make up around 20% of the GOP. You don't call the tune. When are you ever going to realize that you are a small minority? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- and failed. You are really going to say sheit like this to us Patriots? We are the People of this Republic…it does not belong ot you. Oh, and lest your forget how “great” your kind is: 1992: GW lost 1996: Bob Dole…failure 2000: GW2: Dem lite 2004: continued 2008: McCain? Seriously? 2012: Mitt Romney? Really? From us Patriots: 2010: We won the GOP the house 2012: We won the GOP the senate You want to go down this road, your kind loses. Simple rule to follow for you GW: Change or be changed. You get no other options now.
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