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This smells trollish riffraff. Also, razor, it is not people "like that" that keep the Jewish community soley in the democratic majority. There are very few conservatives that would not support Israel...but most dems do not. There are too many blinders on in that community and no accountability.
GW = troll=liberal. You are a moron. TEA is not an actual party: it is a movement within the GOP for conservatives. History is on our side GW, not yours.
I think that sums it up best!
The only way to end that is to end entitlement programs.
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Tap The Brakes On That Tea Party Decline

Koz'isms Wrote: May 23, 2014 10:56 AM
Kenneth, I do not beleive liberals understand what TEA party represents. At all...its a foreign concept to them. I am a staunch conservative and married to a liberal, while her family is also full-out liberal (many extreme). Of the eight closest, none of them understand what it means or what conservative means. If this little family represents what liberals are, it bewilders me that they can not even understand what I stand for.
I live in Chicago and do not need a citation dipshyt. Its called common knowledge, like how gravity works. Alas, lois, you have no knowledge, common or uncommon. But you are as smart as a dog!
SPAM and Flagged. I live in illinois and we proudly boast the worst economy of the 50 states and move 58 thousand residents annually to Wisconsin and Indiana due to lower taxes and more career prospects.
Flagged as racist. There is no such thing as white privilege.
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The Anti-Gun Tyranny of the ATF

Koz'isms Wrote: May 15, 2014 11:11 AM
I really wanted to laugh at the obvious sarcasm, but given what the ATF has done, it is no laughing matter. No matter what, there is a witch hunt for law-abiding gun owners and we are not getting the protection that is warranted by the 2nd with the current administration. These are troubled times...
It is time to go down that path. The dems and libs have already done things "never been used" before since 2006. It is time that the libs are punished and met at the battleline.
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