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Army Orders Bible Verses Scraped Off Scopes

Koz'isms Wrote: Apr 24, 2013 12:05 PM
This nation isnt turning its back to God, even though people want it to seem that way. I agree anyone can turn their back to Him, but as a whole, our nation is still Christian-based. Certain people in Govt are obviously turning their backs and they will have to deal with those choices in the end.

The U.S. Army is directing troops to remove a Bible inscription that a vendor etched into the serial numbers of weapon scopes, Fox News has learned.

Soldiers at Fort Wainwright in Alaska told Fox News they received a directive to turn in their scopes so the Bible references could be removed.

The scopes were made by Trijicon and referenced New Testament passages in John 8:12 and Second Corinthians 4:6. The verses appeared at the end of the scope serial numbers – “JN8:12” and “2COR4:6.”

“The biblical verse (JN8:12) must be removed utilizing a dremel type tool and then painted black,” read...