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Dispite Gruber's efforts to look smart, he continues to dig himself into a deeper hole of stupidity... much like Chairman Obama.
Chairman Obama was warned about ISIS and chose to do nothing. How many innocent people must die for his narcissistic aspirations for political power?
I've tested various electronic voting systems in the past and am very familiar with the setup process. There is 0% chance of this being related to calibration and 100% chance of somebody hacking the individual machine and hoping it would not be noticed. The setup process takes place on a single main server that then passes along to all of the client voting machines the voting details. This is all done through multiple encrypted layers with a final verification check between the server and client before the polls open each morning. Clearly, this is another example on top of the growing mountain of leftist voting fraud. They are stealing our right to vote because they believe in the self-righteous totalitarian view that the ends always justify the means.
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The Hunter Biden Chronicles

Kosh2 Wrote: Oct 22, 2014 7:41 PM
All very true. The Democratic Party is synonymous with corruption. A male prostitution ring was run out of Barnny Frank's residence and he never lost his seat in Congress.
The Federal Attorney General is a crook. But Colorado's Attorney General is a good guy and hopefully he will have the princess Christen Topping arrested for voter fraud using the video as evidence. Sadly, Governor Hickengoober would probably pardon her.
In past few elections the absentee ballots were often sent to the troops oversees late. This along with many recent incompetent decisions made by the current administration greatly frustrate the troops.
Christen Topping, there is nothing awesome about voter fraud and the ends do not justify the means. You are imposing a form of tyranny over those who follow the law. You should spend time in jail and then time doing community service for veterans who served this country to preserve the freedoms you are so determined to steal from others. I'd like to know where you obtained your warped values.
I prefer to reduce the waste by handing those non-productive Federal employees a pink slip. Learning the concept of working for a living may prove to be a good life lesson.
This is not surprising at all. I've worked as a contractor under several departments over the last 25 years and have seen a great deal of this kind of waste... which eventually prompted me to finally stop contracting for the feds. At one place a guy came to work drunk for several months in a row and even drank at work. He was sent home and collected pay before being brought back into the office. There are many examples of this kind of foolishness and waste.. and much of it is dictated by political correctness. The difference now is that the Federal government has grown much larger under the current administration. So, there's no doubt the waste has also grown.
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