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LIVE OPEN THREAD: Ryan, Biden Clash in Kentucky

KopfShuss Wrote: Oct 12, 2012 8:40 AM
Listening to Rick Santorum in the Republican debates talk about Central America makes me think he wants to bring back the 'right wing' death squads that infested the area during the inglorious Reagan years. In the 1980's, when these 'right wing' militias were butchering their fellow countrymen, and priests and nuns were dying trying to protect their own people, people like Rick Santorum cheered the butchers on. These Republicans disgust me!
NullifyNow Wrote: Oct 12, 2012 8:52 AM
So I'm sure you were disgusted that Bill Clinton starved 500,000 children to death in Iraq? And that he waged an illegal and criminal war in Kosovo? And that LBJ slaughtered nearly 30,000 US soldiers illegaly in Vietnam before Nixon ever was elected? And that FDR bullied his way into WW2 by provoking the Germans and the Japanese and then hundreds of thousands of American soldiers thus died? And Truman dropped atomic bombs on tens of thousands of old people, babies, and children? And Woodrow Wilson lead tens of thousands more to their deaths before that in a war we had nothing to do with?

And you are disgusted with more leftist bloodshed that has snuffed out, through abortion, more innocents than Hitler ever dreamed of?


Many of you have been looking forward to this moment for months, and here we are.  With Team Obama flailing, will the experienced Biden beat expectations and stready the ship a bit, or will young gun Paul Ryan hold his own and build momentum for the GOP ticket?  We'll have live coverage and full analysis below; you're welcome to add your running thoughts in the comments section.  Get ready, get set, Slow Joe: