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Amen. Ribs. Lots of pork ribs. Hot dogs wrapped in bacon. Women in bikinis. We and our forebears built this nation. We will continue to enjoy it.
I love all the 'don't shoot' posters at these rallies. If Brown had put his hands up and submitted to lawful arrest he would be alive (and probably on the streets) today. Nope. He broke the policeman's eye socket and resisted arrest. Done.
Right on. But what is with the alliance between Obozo and Islam? You'd figure a devout religious follower of Islam thinks women are property and gays should be executed, something diametrically opposed to what the left claims to believe in.
No. Women aren't the problem. It was when they allowed non-property owners to vote. That was the problem.
No. You would be too biased. The video must go on "YouTube" and be judged by "Like"s.
You mean sending 3 officials to a felon's funeral.
Ah, the useful idiots for raising the minimum wage. They picket in the streets thinking tomorrow they will get $15 an hour for a low-skill job. Nope. The McDonalds will get a BETTER worker for $15 an hour that can do the work of 2-3 of the minimum wage quality worker. My father was a small businessman who based the wage of employees on what the vendor using their services would pay. When the companies paying the low-bid wages companied about the quality of the people my father was providing he said 'you get what you pay for'. 'How about this', he offered, 'out of my own pocket I will provide you the higher salary workers for two weeks'. After two weeks the vendor raved about the difference. My father asked, 'so you want the higher wage people'. The company said 'no' and pulled the account. Wages are simply based on how many people can do your job. If anyone can do it, the pay will be low. If few people have your skill or training, the wage will be high.
Islam: made-up religion by someone who didn't like that fact that the first Jews he encountered would not convert to it. If the Palestinians magically conquered Israel they would quickly set up a despot leading a corrupt 'parliament'. The rights of women, non-believers and gays would evaporate overnight. Yet the left in this country constantly harps on women's rights and gay rights in this country, yet they support these 14th century vermin in the Middle East. Why is that?
So we are led to believe that no one who produces or works on this show has ever received a speeding ticket? Do they think we are that "dumb" to believe that? Last I checked a speeding ticket was not a sign of good/bad parenting skills.
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