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Problem is moonbeam in California will help print the darn cards, NM will ignore any such call leaving AZ and TX.
Sick woman. She goes on a tirade that basically accuses everyone of this type of deviant behavior growing up to justify her own depravity. Sorry. Most peoples lives and days aren't centered around self-stimulation and sexual identities. We work. We laugh. We play. We deal with the problems of every day life. Even most of us conservatives don't give a darn about what other adults do in their bedroom. We DO CARE when people like this woman try to shove this deviant behavior down our throats. Her mistake was in that most liberals also believe this behavior is sick...
Look at all the happy faces in the first picture. Look at the forced smiles in the second. Even the props aren't can't do the job anymore!
"That's not a choice we want Americans to make". That is why we are in the times we are in. A stay-at-home mom is about selflessness, sacrifice for her kids. That lesson is imprinted on the children and they (studies have shown over and over again) lead happier more stable lives than children from single parent or non-traditional households. What Obozo wants is more adult children dependent on the government for the freebies and things they are 'entitled' to. Alinsky/Marxist social engineering with a clear goal.
The Democratic party has changed. It now uses the people that work hard to be the 'useful idiot' votes to put into power a collectivist machine run by a few elites. They don't believe in freedom or equality, those are given in small parcels to the masses to make believe that they actually are free.
Now the 100% Obama precincts from 2012 make perfect sense. I never could understand why the American voters wanted four more years of a charlatan and a fool. Now it makes sense. They didn't.
"Thats not even like lying or stealing"? I guess law is not her strongpoint. Voter fraud is a Federal offense. Try 'like' getting a job when you have a Federal felony on your record... She needs to be behind bars.
Just in case anyone isn't following the world news in detail, Rwanda has severe travel restrictions against the US!!!! Why? Because we are a country with Ebola cases, along with Spain!!! A third world nation has more sense than our banana republic leader!
I don't see it. As a scientist, I've had an interest in these stories for a few decades now. The headline always reads 'AI will surpass humans in 10 years'. The human brain is not a binary computer, but a quantum chemical one that can multiplex to an extent that would melt any silicon chip. We can think of memories and images effectively instantly because that is how those images were impressed to begin with. We can relegate low-level functions automatically without a decision. These 'instinct' and 'intuition' aspects are not well understood, and are again probably quantum mechanical in nature. It is not just a matter of calculations per second....
Amex has a better policy for this! Great post!
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