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Everyone who was assigned to water board had to go through the experience themselves. Ollie North went through it. Join the Army and see. Go through the NBC (nuclear, biological and chemical) training and you will go through tear gas, then be told to remove your masks.
Christians that kill in the name of Christ are not Christians. Muslims that kill in the name of Islam are still Muslims. That is the difference.
Liberals do not believe in individuals. Individuals have no rights, only the herd does. The leaders of the herd are those that get the perks. The right to bear arms is not about guns. The right to bear arms is the fundamental right of the individual to defend themselves from harm and tyranny using the basic tool of the day (the firearm) to do so.
It's a done deal until someone makes him leave. Europe needs Russian natural gas so they will give lip service. Sounds to me like Putin has his warm water western port back for good.
The American left-wing agenda: Keep people dumb through sub-standard education (sick the attack dogs at ANYONE that pushes for SCHOOL CHOICE for the underprivileged or minorities) Placate the population by giving out goodies and freebies Vilify the hardworking people that pay for it Fact: Conservatives give more time and money to charity than liberals.
As a practicing scientist, I work with computer simulations/modeling a great deal. We test the validity of a model based on empirical (real-world experiments) observations. When the model doesn't fit the real world, we either throw out the model or add/adjust variables. Problem with adding variables is that it increases the data set exponentially and may take prohibitively long to run. The problem with the climate 'believers' is two-fold. They so want their calculations to predict what they believe, they have stopped functioning properly as scientists and basing reality on....well real-world reality. If you hear them address the 16 years of global cooling, they almost state that something is wrong with the world in that it doesn't match their result! Secondly, their simplifications (to keep the data set reasonably sized) are almost humorous to state: assume the earth is flat, that all heating processes end up in the atmosphere and that solar output is a constant. This person, the philosopher, is nothing more than a Progressivist. Come to think about it what 'philosopher' wants to squelch opposing views? I thought that was their thing...
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Make Work Pay More

Kopernicus Wrote: Mar 11, 2014 1:38 PM
Raising the minimum wage does not create wealth and therefore does not benefit the economy as a whole. It merely puts an artificially high price on unskilled labor. You create wealth by starting a business, creating a new product or service. Pure and simple. The GOP needs to shut this revisiting of the minimum wage down once and for all. Every time the Dems are in trouble, they play their populist get out of jail free card...the minimum wage. Tie it to the inflation rate permanently. Then maybe the liberals/progressives who report the numbers will actually report the real ones that affect middle class families - numbers that include food and fuel prices. Last year the government reported inflation rate was 1.5%, so the minimum wage should be $7.35 rather than $7.25. Since less than 5% of workers make that money, the effect of this raise on inflation itself is zero-sum.
That is the idea. If everything affects health, and the government pays for it, the government has a right to control everything in the name of the common good.
Ask any emergency room doctor. You know the ones that actually practice medicine rather than discussing things in the faculty lounge. Two most common causes of injury to children are swimming pools and trampolines. Trampolines: 98,000 injuries per year; 31,000 severe. Swimming pools: 24,000 injuries per year; 600 deaths Bicycles: 14,000 injuries per year, 500 deaths Automobiles: 34,000 deaths per year Guns: ~650 accidental deaths per year (this statistic is not from the NRA but from New Yorkers against gun violence) If you do the ratios: the likelihood of death by pool (1 in 11,000) versus death by gun (1 in 1 million-plus) isn’t even close. Our good doctor should be attacking the Constitutional amendment rights to swimming pools and trampolines. Trouble is the NSPA and the NTA have too powerful a lobby in Congress.
So? Why does every liberal troll mistakenly think that conservatives supported everything GWB did? Sorry we are not the sycophants that the Dems are over Obozo. You don't have any beliefs of your own to actually admit that he errs time and time again.
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