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You mean sending 3 officials to a felon's funeral.
Ah, the useful idiots for raising the minimum wage. They picket in the streets thinking tomorrow they will get $15 an hour for a low-skill job. Nope. The McDonalds will get a BETTER worker for $15 an hour that can do the work of 2-3 of the minimum wage quality worker. My father was a small businessman who based the wage of employees on what the vendor using their services would pay. When the companies paying the low-bid wages companied about the quality of the people my father was providing he said 'you get what you pay for'. 'How about this', he offered, 'out of my own pocket I will provide you the higher salary workers for two weeks'. After two weeks the vendor raved about the difference. My father asked, 'so you want the higher wage people'. The company said 'no' and pulled the account. Wages are simply based on how many people can do your job. If anyone can do it, the pay will be low. If few people have your skill or training, the wage will be high.
Islam: made-up religion by someone who didn't like that fact that the first Jews he encountered would not convert to it. If the Palestinians magically conquered Israel they would quickly set up a despot leading a corrupt 'parliament'. The rights of women, non-believers and gays would evaporate overnight. Yet the left in this country constantly harps on women's rights and gay rights in this country, yet they support these 14th century vermin in the Middle East. Why is that?
So we are led to believe that no one who produces or works on this show has ever received a speeding ticket? Do they think we are that "dumb" to believe that? Last I checked a speeding ticket was not a sign of good/bad parenting skills.
I love the tweet: "When will U learn BHO is smarter than you". I'll take that bet. Anytime, anywhere I will post my complete B.S. and Ph. D. transcripts and my publication record. I will also post all IQ tests, SAT and GRE scores. Let's see our POTUS do the same!!!! BTW. I'm a proud conservative.
If the Israelis wanted to kill women and children the death toll would be in the thousands and tens of thousands, not 150. Before 1900 barely anyone lived in what is claimed to be "Palestine", however the Jewish people claim a heritage there that has been proven archeologically for over 6000 years, 4000 years before the made-up religion of violence and domination known as Islam. Mohammed was ticked that Jews stood in the way of his establishing a new religion and he started the slaughter. When the UN gave the Jewish people Israel back, the surrounding Muslim nations propped up a small band of squatters that they were having problems with and attacked the Jewish state. This repeated over and over again through the 50s, 60s and 70s. The Palestinian birth rate soars. Their takeover of once peaceful Lebanon, which was once the tourist heaven of the Mediterranean before the PLO, is proof of their violence. If Israel ceased to exist, the so-called "Palestinians" also claim parts of Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Egypt as their own as well.
No wonder the Left likes it. Scream in fake pain and get someone else to fund a program to cure you!
Soccer stinks. I was stuck watching the Belgium/US game last night. Two hours, no score. Then the ball (as Ann correctly points out) accidentally goes in and Belgium fans suddenly think they are collectively better than the US. Soccer is a great game for little kids. Few injuries. Run around a big field kicking a big ball into a huge net. The reason there are so many riots at these games around the world is the pent-up frustration of the fans at not seeing anything of value. Let's compare the other sports, shall we? Baseball. MLB pitcher needs to through 80-100 mph ball through a roughly 18 inch square from 60 feet away consistently. Every pitch is a play. Batter has to attempt to hit this fast moving, small round object with a round bat and have it end up in play or hit over 300 feet for an instant run. Football. Try to get a oddly shaped ball 80 yards down field by either trying to run into 300 lb. defensive line or have your QB take no more than 1-2 seconds to hit a moving target 30 yards away. Basketball. Try to throw (using wrists like MEN do) a soccer sized ball through a net not much bigger than the ball well above even a 7-footers head. This and Hockey make soccer look ridiculous even more so as they are 'continuous play' games. Hockey. Have fast moving men on a small rink carry weapons that when properly used need to get a small rubber puck into a SMALL goal. Mind you sometimes the 'sticks' become weapons. These are 'real' team sports. People use their wrists.
Separate science and engineering and the numbers change dramatically. At my institution we have 9 full-time chemistry faculty, five are female. In biology, the ratio is more heavily female at 70%. In physics it is 0%. The leftists just can't wrap their heads around the fact that IN GENERAL women's and men's minds are wired differently. The left is so obsessed with the mirage of 'equality' they forget that men and women are supposed to be complimentary to one another.
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