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Some say there is no difference between the two parties anymore. From my decades of watching I have to say there is. If a Republican gaffes, has a bad photo-optic or misses being 'at the switch' at a critical moment, they lose the next election as Republicans stay home or vote for the better person. If a Democrat gaffes, has a bad photo-optic or misses being 'at the switch' at a critical moment, the useful idiots in the unions and the many disaffected victim groups of the Democratic party show up in lockstep at the polls and vote "D". She is a typical Democrat talking out both sides of her mouth. She claims to be all about the poor and how the GOP hates them, but she much rather spend her time rubbing elbows with the rich and connected.
That UN report also purports the solution be the taxation of carbon in developed nations to be redistributed to the poorer nations (that are exempt from the tax if they use fossil fuels). So there is no impetus to fix the so-called problem, just use it as a tool for wealth redistribution. Kind of like the tobacco taxes. The government won't ban a harmful product because it is making money off of it.
The Dems do believe in some pretty wacky stuff that is counter to all known science. For some reason they believe a woman's lady part is some magical arch that imparts human rights onto a fetus. Over here it is a fetus and you can kill it, moves one inch over here and suddenly it is a human being! Nothing is more non-scientific than that.
That is 3 combat divisions folks with Russian and US equipment.
Remember, individuals are not important to Democrats or the Left. Foley is just a glitch of static in the grand scheme of their world. His life meant less than offending muslims by fighting ISIS. No, the US government should not bargain with terrorists. Private individuals should have the freedom to do as they choose. The fact that the State Department threatened the family is a sign of how despotic our nation has become.
Hitler's image was used in propaganda posters. Hmm. Don't remember people carrying pictures of GWB even at the GOP Conventions. Oh. I remember, Obozo posters have his image and they are everywhere. Hitler believed himself to be infallible. By the end of his reign he was isolated and turned on his own people. Hmmm. GWB was a man of faith who always admitted that he had made mistakes, even big ones. Oh, Obozo can't bear to be criticized by anyone, he is better at everything (by his own admission) than anyone working for him. He has no world leaders or anyone in Congress he can call 'friend'. Hitler used boogeymen to blame the German problems on. GWB blamed no one. Obozo blames the right and spends more government time, money and effort at going after the opposition in his own nation rather than our enemies abroad. Hitler created the law as he went "for the good of the Fatherland". GWB followed the law. The Iraq war was authorized by Congress. Obozo uses the government to seek out and destroy his political opponents and modifies the law where he sees fit. Hitler believed the government should control all major businesses. GWB was a businessman. Obozo believes the government should run the whole economy. That is what I would have my child hand in to that teacher.
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Gutfeld Kills Obama's ISIS Address

Kopernicus Wrote: Sep 12, 2014 6:39 AM
Nicely said!
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ISIS Seeks 'Cyber Caliphate'

Kopernicus Wrote: Sep 12, 2014 6:17 AM
I'd gladly put an army of our nerds against theirs any time.
Uh, the liberal press are the only people keeping you from begin impeached. If they decided to go after you Woodward-Berstein style you'd of been out of office three years ago.
Depression is a huge issue for many. Professional counseling, treatment and support of family/friends is the solution. Video games are not.
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