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Obama Criticism Should Be Banned?

Kopernicus Wrote: Feb 26, 2015 6:26 AM
Funny how Obozo picked up that credit card to China and promptly went on a spending spree for his constituency....
It was people like Olbermann at Penn State that were responsible for the Sandusky scandal. People who believe in a ruling class of individuals that are immune from the every day laws and norms of the rest of us. They covered it up because the football program and the University were more important than the individual. These kids do a lot for this, it is almost entirely student run/organized. Praise them and maybe more will follow.
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The Cancer of Multiculturalism

Kopernicus Wrote: Feb 25, 2015 7:29 AM
Western civilization is the highest form of human thought and governance. For the first time in human history INDIVIDUAL human beings have rights that outweigh those of a despot or state. This is why people like BHO want to dismantle that, it is an obstacle to progressivism/socialism/communism where some humans are deemed more 'worthy' than others and are entrusted with the power to rule. Simple as that. The LGBT, feminist communities have no problem with islam for that reason, all are 'collectivist' agendas. They can sort the details out later after they dispense with the Jeffersonian/Madisonian/Franklin ideals of Liberty.
Good. Don't let the door hit you in the rear on your way out. Nuke talks are just airplay for the Iranian regime to lecture everyone else in the room, sign a fake agreement and build a nuke anyway.
SNL can't out do Psaki and Harf. Their comedians come off as too credible and intelligent by comparison...
Legitimate grievances of these people include that the rest of the world won't convert to islam, that Jews won't just spontaneously die everywhere and that a few men with serious self-esteem issues don't subjugate the rest of us to their rule. Which of these are we going to compromise on Mr. POTUS?
Dyadd. This is why I am half hoping that Boehner will take a chance for once and push the House to deny the WH request. Then Obozo owns it. Flaw in this is that many innocents will die, and it may give the enemy time to do something more wide scale and inhuman. The evidence about progressivism/pacifism is WWI and Woodrow Wilson.
The reason free speech will never be accepted by muslims is that Mohammed himself wrote the Koran to squelch anything he didn't like and to support anything that fed his carnal desires. When the Jews wouldn't convert to his new religion, his holy book then called for their deaths. Islam is the enemy of free thought and individuality. Christianity upholds the equal and individual love God has for each Christian as its central tenant (see the parable of the lost sheep). Human dignity is expressed at the individual, not the collective. Islam upholds that followers are only worthwhile if they feed the collective. Individual dignity isn't recognized until one converts to islam.
If you read the how-to of the Constitution, the Federalist Papers, it clearly states what 'arms' the Founders approved of. It was intended to be the equal to the standard infantry arm of the time. In 1787, that was the rifled musket, in 2014, it is the AR-15. Unless the people can form an army, they cannot defend against tyranny.
The woman is a loser. If you can't succeed with a Georgetown law degree and a whirlwind trip into the limelight of the leftist media and politics enough to get a STATE senate seat in the most leftist state in the Union, you are a loser.
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