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By the way, I taught a class once at the local community college for kicks and giggles and a little extra Christmas money and found 80% of them to be high school grads (barely) who had yet to "graduate" to the idea that higher education involves at least some initiative and hard work. In other words they were still operating under the assumptions they learned in the local public schools, where anyone who shows up -- and most of those who don't -- are promoted to the next grade level. There is no point in anyone funding educational opportunities if the person isn't ready to take advantage of those opportunities.
Let's start talking about this when the Federal government has a 60 billion dollar surplus w/ no debt. My first suggestion would be to eliminate the Department of Education.
It took a while to get to your point: It's all Amerikkka's fault, right?
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Dying For a Cigarette in New York

Kodiak5 Wrote: Jan 07, 2015 9:31 PM
A group I was in was once questioned by the cops investigating a recent burglary and one of the guys got about one push into a push-and-shove match with an officer and found himself face down on the ground in handcuffs. What idiot doesn't know not to take a physically-threatening stance when dealing with the police? I can't even imagine the depth of the rich liberal echo chamber de Blasio must live in.
This can mean only one thing: The Harvard faculty are racist.
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Truth is, There's No One Behind the Wheel

Kodiak5 Wrote: Jan 03, 2015 4:26 PM
I see you've been adding vodka -- or perhaps Everclear -- to your Kool-Aid.
Typical AP reporting. We know hundreds of officers turned their backs on the mayor, but from this report it might have only been a handful -- fewer than 6 -- of officers who saluted. It's like when the news media cite "other experts" (both of them) to refute facts they don't want to acknowledge. Furthermore, I would privately suspect these were hand-picked suck-ups positioned at the entrance to render salutes so the mayor's office could issue a press release saying the NYPD had "mixed" feelings towards His Honor, the anti-cop agitator.
Law school is one of the primary paths of refuge for college idiots who got a liberal arts degree in Trendy Outrage or Identity Studies and now need a way to pay off a $100,000 student loan with $24,000-a-year credentials. That's why drumming up work for lawyers may be the Democrats' only effective jobs program.
All of these long-winded "statements" can be translated as follows: "We're terrified people will draw logical conclusions from our race-baiting rhetoric and turn away in disgust, decreasing our political power base."
I'm utterly surprised that an internal government review would conclude the screw-ups in the screwed-up agency need more money, more personnel, more infrastructure, and more power.
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