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The Man Hating Media

Kodiak5 Wrote: Dec 12, 2014 2:44 PM
The false narrative will continue as long as college feminists hate men . . . that is to say, forever.
You mean allies like the Kurds and the Poles? Allies like South Vietnam in 1975 and Iraq under Obama? Allies in the former Soviet bloc who see a new Russian bear stalking their borders? I had a friend in Southeast Asia tell me once that it's often more dangerous to be America's friend than its enemy. We need to do a better job of vetting our allies, most definitely, but we also need to do a better job of standing by people who have stood by us.
Let me assure you, all of Missouri outside the St. Louis and Kansas City metro areas is embarrassed.
NPR doubled-down by saying that, since trauma can affect memory, the story is true even if it isn't.
And after so many hoaxes, they will still decry how we can be so misogynist, racist, insert-the-blank-phobic as to raise questions about the next fantastic story advancing the progressive agenda. Has "Gruber" become a verb yet?
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S.E. Cupp: The Death of a Meme

Kodiak5 Wrote: Dec 05, 2014 12:55 PM
After 2014 the Democrats might figure out they are alienating more men than attracting women with the feminist battle cry; do you think they might ever come to the same point regarding stoking racial unrest?
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The Hypocrisy Over Presidential Kids

Kodiak5 Wrote: Dec 04, 2014 10:09 PM
The president's family should be left out of politics, period. What is regrettable is that politicians and the chattering class (at least the liberal chattering class) want to have it both ways: Why were the daughters Obama at the event in the first place? To act as warm, homey backdrop for the turkey photo-op. When someone comments that the little angels' halos weren't all that shiny, however, then there's an outcry. In other words, it's fair for politicians to use the family -- or the family dog -- to score political points, but it's unfair for anyone else to use the family to score political points.
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After He, Racism

Kodiak5 Wrote: Dec 04, 2014 12:07 PM
Mia Love, a black woman elected to Congress from the most conservative state in the nation. And now will you say Love is not a "real" black, because (according to liberals) to be "authentically" black you must act a certain way, hold certain values, say what liberals want you to say, and otherwise stay firmly waiting for white liberals to come along and provide for you.
Whenever a reporter says "it's about the culture," not the particular facts, it certainly raises questions regarding the reporter's agenda. This needs to be investigated by trained investigators following rules of evidence -- which is why we have law enforcement agencies and courts to handle rape cases, not university administrators and journalists.
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Nothing on Terry Bean

Kodiak5 Wrote: Dec 03, 2014 1:02 PM
"The Democrats seem not to be able to see such people on board . . ." I disagree. The left sees such things all too clearly, but to them the decision is based on usefulness (power), not morality. If Bean is still useful -- e.g., still bringin' in the cash -- they are willing to turn a blind eye. It is only when (if) the story makes the big time and he becomes a liability will they express "outrage" and "dismay" and claim they were "betrayed."
That one line is a magnificent "in a nutshell" summary of the entire progressive-academic faux-scholarship with which the modern university is riddled: Stories too useful to be verified.
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