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Time to Grow Up, GOP

knochel Wrote: Jan 16, 2013 4:11 PM
The difference between Conservatives vs. Liberals, is that a Liberal will vote for Democrat, regardless of whether or not they fit the label. A Conservative does not (evidence the last election). The very thing that kept Conservatives home last November was on display during the Fiscal cliff battle, Republicans too afraid of the main stream media to stand up for conservative principles

It's hard for a lot of people, particularly on the right, to recognize that the conservative movement's problems are mostly problems of success. The Republican Party's problems are much more recognizable as the problems of failure, including the failure to recognize the limits of that movement's success.

American conservatism began as a kind of intellectual hobbyist's group with little hope of changing the broader society. Albert Jay Nock, the cape-wearing libertarian intellectual -- he called himself a "philosophical anarchist" -- who inspired a very young William F. Buckley Jr., argued that political change was impossible because the masses were rubes,...