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Hey not ALL of us!! SOME of us are practically singing with happiness today. More arrests to follow, cause ol Shelly is gonna be singing like Whitney in her prime trying to save his slimy skin.
Yup. Every last one.
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CNN Hires Jay Carney

knightofsuffolk Wrote: Sep 11, 2014 9:00 AM
Why are you knocking beagles? They are better than that! :)
Marie Harf. A true gem of liberal intellectualism. As if we needed any more proof of the utter lack of qualifications of the Obama administration.
As an NRA instructor I cringed when this came out. Putting aside the discussion of what age is appropriate to shoot for a moment, this day was full of bad decisions. An Uzi simply isn't a proper gun for a 9 year old. Full auto arms take extra training for a reason, and while I completely understand the thrill of it, some things in this life you just have to wait for. A terrible tragedy for all involved. If you all could see the comments I've been dealing with here on Long Island on Newsday.com, the lib trolls were just gleeful, spouting their usual lack of understanding, idiotic positions, and inane little quips. A disgusting breed all around.
Funny, I don't remember seeing anything about this " in the home" thing in the constitution. What other rights are suspended due to Washington's "unique character?"
So at the moment, as a 47 year old 20-plus year smoking adult, vaping on "Vanilla Dream" where do I fit Jay? I happen to like the sweet flavors that are available, and while I haven't completely given up my cigars yet, I'm well on my way. These idiots need to get the hell out of my life and try doing their actual jobs.
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Fred Phelps: Satan's Servant

knightofsuffolk Wrote: Mar 25, 2014 10:07 AM
While I was doing a funeral service this past Saturday, we had a discussion about this POS. His actions led to the creation of the Patriot Guard Riders, and now he is dead and gone, his words and protests will die with him, we will go on. Over 250,000 strong, our legacy will far, far outlast his. On a personal level, I hope his eternity in Hell is very special.
"Weapons grade stupid". Oh my GOD that nails it! Thank you for the coffee through the nose!
No. Originally, magazines that held over 7 rounds were banned as well. Then, they realized that wasn't going to work as there are too few mags limited to 7 rounds. So they amended the law to say we could keep the 10 rounders, but only load them to 7, unless at a range or competition. Imagine that. I can load one of my handguns to 10 rounds at a range, but not at home to protect my family. Only in NY. That part of the law was tossed in court, now we can load all the way up to 10. Yippee. King andy DID talk about confiscation, but there isn't any going on that I have heard about anyway. NYC has it's own gun laws which have trampled the sheep there into submission a long, long time ago.
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